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Argan Oil 60 Day Supplement Pack - 7x200ml Culinary + 200ml Cosmetic Argan Oil

Argan Oil 60 Day Supplement Pack - 7x200ml Culinary + 200ml Cosmetic Argan Oil
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Model: Pure Organic Argan Oil

Argan Oil 60 Day Supplement Pack

This is our special 60 day supplement pack.
If you have read some of our articles you see that many of the studies into Argan Oil for skin use around 15 to 20ml of Culinary Argan Oil per day for around 60 days.

This pack provides enough pure Argan oil to repeat this study.
It includes 200ml of Natural Scented cosmetic Argan Oil for studies that require an external application of Argan Oil - such as the study into post menopausal skin care treatment.

Culinary Argan Oil - 7x200ml / 7x7oz

Culinary Argan oil is a golden colour and has a delicious,creamy, toasted nutty flavour and aroma.

To make culinary Argan Oil the Argan Nuts are lightly toasted before pressing.
It is a super-healthy, organic, delicious oil that is used for eating or as a nutritional supplement.

This is a Culinary Argan Oil that is specially prepared for cooking and health supplement.

Culinary Argan Oil is also famous for its health benefits - particularly heart disease, cholesterol and Arthritis.
In Morocco about 15ml to 20ml per taken is raken as a dietary supplement for a health problems.

Naturally Scented Cosmetic Argan Oil Refill Pack - 200ml / 7oz

This bottle contains our scented pure, organic Argan Oil and makes over 3x 65ml/ 2.2oz  bottles.

Our natural scented Argan Oil is the closest to traditionally hand-made Argan Oil.
To make a scented Argan Oil the Argan nut kernerls are cold-pressed then passed through a single mechanical filtration process

The result is a smooth, calming, pure Argan oil which an Argan nut scent.

We recommend this grade of Argan Oil for inflammed skin or blotchy, spot-prone skin as it appears to have a slightly more anti-inflammatory action on problem skin. 

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