Argan Oil for Hair

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Argan Oil for Hair

Natural oils have long been used by people around the world who have no need of chemicals conditioners.


Oil treatments restore damaged hair and with regular use protect the scalp and hair shaft.
This why most professional hair salons now offer oil hair therapies.

For styling only a tiny amount of oil is used. Apply as a fine mist or work a little oil through hair with your fingers before applying heat with a dryer or hair tongs.
Applying hear allows the oil to soften and work throughout every strand penetrating, repairing and protecting the hair shaft.
This builds a natural shine and helps to protect hair from heat damage.

We also make a chemical-free serum called Hair Magick. This is made of Pure Organic Argan, JoJoba, Apricot and Monoi Oils.
These 4 oils have different benefits for hair - from conditioning and repairing to the giving a high gloss, healthy shine. 

Other problems such as frizzy hair, heat damaged hair, breaking and split hairs all benefit from an oil therapy.
Applying natural oils to the outer hair sheath protects the hair cells providing hydration and elasticity.  

The most popular uses of Argan Oil for hair include:

> Frizz Control, Heat Protection
> Finishing & Styling
> Stronger Hair Growth & Less Hair Loss
> Naturally Repairs & Conditions Hair

You can learn more about Argan Oil for hair on our main website.
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