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Pure Argan Oil - 200ml / 7oz Eco-Refill - 25% Saving

Pure Argan Oil - 200ml / 7oz Eco-Refill - 25% Saving
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Model: Pure Organic Argan Oil

Pure Argan Oil - 200ml / 7oz Eco-Refill - 25% Saving*
Eco-Refill Pack - Our Best Value Pure Unscented Argan Oil Offer

This Eco-Refill offer contains 200ml of our pure, double-filtered and unscented organic Argan Oil plus a refillable bottle. This can be refiled to make over 3x 65ml / 2.2oz  bottles. A saving of 25% on our single bottle offer price.

This is our best selling pure Argan Oil filtered twice to remove almost all Argan nut smell.

To make an unscented Argan Oil we use our single-filtered cold-pressed Argan Oil and pass it through a second, finer filtration process. This removes any remaining sediment and lowers the water content.
The result is a pure Argan Oil with almost no Argan nut scent and which has a longer life.

We recommend this grade of Argan Oil for general anti aging skin care and hair treatment

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