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Argan Oil for HairThe Smell of Genuine and Fake Argan Oil

Pure Argan Oil is an effective, natural, hair repair and conditioning.

It is ideal for tired hair and hair damaged by colouring, heat, Keratin and Silicates.
With regular use it conditions both hair and scalp and is even helps slow hair loss.

In fact your will find that all hair problems respond well to a pure Argan Oil treatment.


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Argan Oil Naturally Repairs & Conditions Hair

Argan Oil is popular in hair products as it makes hair smoother, softer with gives a healthy shine.
It repairs fragile hair, damaged ends and can get frizzy hair under control again.

Chemical hair care conditioners coat hair with waxy chemicals to replace the natural oils lost by using chemical shampoos.
They may achieve short term improvements in appearance but don’t solve the root of the problem.

Natural oil hair treatments offer real and lasting benefits for your hair.

Argan Oil contains GLAs, Vitamin E, Plant Sterols and many more nutrients that are great for hair.
With regular use the condition of the hair shaft, tips, and scalp become more healthy.
This means healthy hair follicles and stronger, healthier hair growth.

How to Do Oil Treatments for Hair ►︎


Stronger Hair Growth & Less Hair Loss

Pure oils have been used for boosting hair growth in cultures are around the world.

To discover the facts a study took a group of 86 subjects who were given a blend of essential oils in a mix of carrier oils to apply to the scalp once a day.
The test lasted 6 months after which 44% of the test subjects had clear hair regrowth.

With Argan Oil as the carrier you can easily create a growth stimulating serum at home.

Natural Oil Hair Growth Recipe ►︎


How to Use Argan Oil for Hair

The Benefits of Oil Treatments for Hair

Top stylists recommend a monthly deep oil hair treatment.

If you have never used oil therapy for hair put aside 40 minutes to complete the treatment and relax.
Do as the women of Morocco do and make it an enjoyable ritual.

For a deep conditioning hair mask:
1 massage or comb the oil into your hair.
2 Massage the oils into your scalp.
3 Pay extra attention to any damaged areas by using applying extra oil.

Don’t worry if your hair looks heavy and oily at this stage.
Work the oil in and leave it to work its magic.

After applying the oil serum you may want to put on a plastic shower cap. This helps to keep in the heat and oil off the towel.
Wrap your hair in a hot towel and leave for 30+ minutes. If possible change the towels as they cool to keep your hair as warm as possible.

Finally lightly shampoo your hair to remove any excess oil.


How much Argan Oil is used for Hair Treatmentsstrong hair

A little Argan Oil goes a long way.

How much oil you need depends on how fine and how long your hair is and the treatment are making.
Very little oil is needed for regular conditioning, high gloss finishing.
For deep repair and conditioning treatments to rescue damaged hair a lot more oil will be used.

Hair oil treatments are applied to both hair and scalp.
Target damaged areas with excess frizz, burnt hair or split-ends by massaging in a little extra oil.

As Argan Oil fans Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue and others will tell you..Pure Argan Oil is the secret to restoring naturally healthy hair.


High Gloss, Frizz Control, Heat Protection Finishing & Styling

Argan Oil is also used in top salons as a finishing and heat protective product.

A little oil is used after lightly drying the hair. Work a few drops at a time throughout the hair and comb through.
Then continue styling with hot air dryers or straightening tongs.

Applying heat with your dryer or straightener helps the oil soften the hair allow it to penetrate better.
This builds a natural shine and helps protect hair from heat damage.

Our special hair serum,Hair Magick, is a total repair serum with 40% of pure Argan Oil blended with other natural oils.
It contains natural oils that work from root to tip to revive tired and damaged hair, restore hair strength, volume and shine.
Hair Magick has a rich texture and wonderful, natural Tahitian Tirare flower scent.

Hair Magick Total Hair Repair Serum ►︎


Do I need to use a Special Shampoo?

Avoid shampoo loaded with chemicals and “vitamins” for hair.

Use a cleansing shampoo to gently clean the hair and scalp and remove excess oil.


How Often Should I do an Argan Oil Hair Treatment for the Best Results?

For naturally stronger, fuller, healthier hair make a deep conditioning treatment once a week.


The Different Types of Argan Oil for Hair

There are two main grades of genuine,pure Argan Oil which can be used for hair care.

Both grades of oil are extra virgin, cold-pressed, organic oils pressed from Argan nut kernels.
Our Naturally Scented Argan Oil has been filtered once and retains the natural Argan nut scent.

Our other grade of cosmetic Argan Oil is double-filtered to remove all sediments and lower the water content.
Double-filtered Argan Oil has virtually no Argan nut scent which is why it is recommend for hair treatments.

The Best Type of Argan Oil for Hair ►︎