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Culinary Argan Oil 1.6 litre / 56 oz

Culinary Argan Oil 1.6 litre / 56 oz
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Culinary Argan Oil - 8x200ml / 8x7oz
For Eating, Cooking or Health Supplement 

Our Culinary Argan Oil is an extra-virgin oil produced in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

To make a Culinary Argan Oil the Argan nut kernels must be lightly toasted before the oil is extracted.
This is what gives the oil its unique nutty flavour and golden colour.

We work directly with the best of the Moroccan co-operatives to source our Cactus Seed and Argan Oils.
In addition, to ensure the freshest possible quality of oil, we make fresh pressings every three months.

Culinary Argan Oil for Cooking

Toasted Argan Oil is a gourmet cooking oil for eating and for use as a nutritional supplement.
It has a flavour that works well with both sweet dishes and savoury dishes.

Culinary Argan Oil is for cooking used in many ways, for example.

  • As a dressing, it can be drizzled over roasted vegetables
  • Add it to sauces, tagine, curry, fish to enrich the flavour
  • Create nutty salad dressings
  • Add it to melted chocolate or cream to create ice cream toppings
  • Add it to cooking dough,  cakes or biscuits for flavour and a richer texture
  • Use it to make classic Moroccan Amlou or pastries
  • Fry flaked Almonds & nuts to add flavour

Edible Argan Oil, for eating, is used in cooking for its flavour.
It is not used like Olive Oil for high-temperature cooking but it may be used for pan frying ingredients.

For more inspiration we will send you our eBook of recipe ideas and secrets of Moroccan cooking with your order.


Culinary Argan Oil - The Health Benefits

Culinary Argan Oil is a super healthy oil. It is much higher than Olive Oil in antioxidants and omega fatty acids.
It is also rich in many other nutrients beneficial for health such as plant sterols and stanols.

Many studies show that it can be of help for cholesterol reduction, heart disease, arthritis and even diabetes.

Pure Culinary Argan Oil is a very effective way to use it as a nutritional supplement.
It is easier to take and less expensive than capsules.

Research suggests using about 15ml ( 3 teaspoons ) per day as a supplement.

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