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Pure Argan Oil - 2x 65ml / 2.2 fl oz + Naturally Scented Pure Argan Oil - 2x 65ml / 2.2 fl oz

Pure Argan Oil - 2x 65ml / 2.2 fl oz + Naturally Scented Pure Argan Oil - 2x 65ml / 2.2 fl oz
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Model: Cosmetic Argan Oil
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2 x Pure Argan Oil  + 2 x Naturally Scented - 4x65ml/2.2 fl oz 

We offer two types of pure Argan Oil for cosmetic use.

The only differences between the two types of cosmetic Argan Oil, naturally scented  and "pure" Argan Oil is that original fragranced oil has a slightly deeper colour, citrus/olive fragrance and slightly different texture. "Pure" Argan Oil has been filtered in a two stage process which removes all remaining Argan nut sediment to give an oil with a paler yellow colour which has no Argan scent. This does not affect the natural properties, effects of the oil or nutrients but simply removes the natural smell of the Argan Oil. 

Argan Oil is packed with bio-active nutrients and has a long lasting moisturising and rejuvenating action on tired skin.
Apply a little Argan with a gentle massage to wet or dry skin and it
 is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily complexion. 
Pure Argan Oil make an ideal daily moisturiser and is part of an effective anti aging skin care treatment

Argan Oil also makes an excellent hot-oil hair treatment to restore a natural balance to your hair and repair the damage caused by strong chemical hair products.

Our Argan Oil is pressed and brought from Morocco in small quantities every 3 months. This ensures a pure, high quality oil that is packed with fresh bio-active nutrients for skin care or hair treatment.

Start experiencing the benefits of Argan Oil for smoother, clearer skin today.

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