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Skin Care

Argan & the Best Natural Oils for Skin

The 15 Best Natural Oils for Skinargan oil bottle and essential oil bottles

Argan Oil is famous for its anti-aging effect on skin.

Rich in anti oxidants, sterols and Omega fatty acids it naturally hydrates, boosts collagen levels and stimulates skin renewal. Pure Argan Oil is also naturally anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and does not block pores.

This makes it the perfect base oil for combining with other natural oils to create your own anti aging serum.

On this page we list 15 of the best natural oils to get you started.

1. The “Carrier Oil”

Argan Oil makes the best carrier oil for making any serum with… Continue reading

Argan Oil for Stretch Marks

Argan Oil for Stretch Marks?pregnant women under argan tree

Argan Oil is a safe, chemical free, organic and natural oil.

It is best to use it early on to help prevent stretch marks by improving skin elasticity.
Where it is too late and stretch marks already exist it can also help fade scars by improving skin cell renewal. [1]

This makes Argan Oil the best all-in-one natural oil for use in pregnancy to removing and preventing stretch marks – striae gravidarum.

On this Page

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  2. Preventing Stretch Marks ►︎
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How to Make Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Products using Argan Oil

Argan Oil & Anti-Aging Recipes for Making
Home-Made Natural Skin Care ProductsMake natural products for skin care with argan oil

Did you know that most of the “wonder ingredients” promoted in commercial skin care products are from foods, oils and herbs?

Retinoids, AHA’s, Peptides and many active ingredients are actually all available in natural ingredients you will probably already have in your kitchen!

Combining ingredients like milk, salts, fruits & oils you can quickly make effective, chemical-free and inexpensive alternatives to most commercial products. On this page there are a few examples of natural cosmetics recipes that cover most personal care needs.

For lots more recipes… Continue reading

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