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Argan Oil Acne

Argan Oil for Acne Prone Skin

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Argan Oil is the moisturiser of choice for people with Acne Prone skin.

Argan Oil does not block pores which is one of the main causes of spots, blemishes and inflammation.

Rich in Vitamin E,antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Argan Oil combats skin damage from oxidation of serum being produced by Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria.

Use pure Argan Oil to moisturse breakout skin and help to prevent and heal the side effects of… Continue reading

Post Menopausal Skin – The Effects of Argan Oil

Post menopausal Skin &
The Effects of Cosmetic & Culinary Argan Oilmenopause woman face

In Morocco Berber women in have long known that using cosmetic Argan Oil on skin and taking Culinary Argan Oil as a dietary supplement  helped reduce skin aging and symptoms due to menopause.

So, Universities in Morocco completed a study to find a scientific explanation for the benefits observed by Moroccan women.

What they discovered was the pathway behind skin aging at menopause.  In addition thay identified some useful nutrients which can be included in the diet for combating menopausal skin problems.

The Moroccan Argan Oil… Continue reading

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