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Argan Oil Direct Members eBooks Archive

Download our Free eBooks about Argan Oil, Skin Care, Culinary Argan Oil Recipes, Arthritis Treatments, Cactus Seed Oil and more

A Natural Approach to Arthritis Treatments

Natural Treatments for Arthritis -UPDATED 48 36 pages – 4.2mb

This Free eBook about natural Arthritis treatments was originally supposed to be an article on this site.

However, we had so much information sent to us by customers over the years that it just grew too big too include on our Argan Oil website.

So we made it into a 46 page ( and counting ) eBook – which will be updated with more information in the near future.

The eBook contains:

- 6 Recipes for natural pain relieving compresses and oils.
- 10 of the most essential foods to include in any anti inflammatory diet.
- 6 of the top inflammation fighting spices.
- 6 Traditional herbal remedies tried and tested over the centuries.

Each treatment is presented with details of:

- Active Ingredients
- What each treatment does and how
- Any warnings about use
- Suggested ways to use for a treatment plan


How to Make Every Natural Cosmetic Your Will Ever Need – 23 pages

This Free eBook tells you how to make just about every skin care product you will ever need – at home.
Avoid using expensive, chemical filled products that also don’t really work!

These recipes are easy and fun to make. Make inexpensive and effective products that are better than their chemical counterparts.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Every Natural Cosmetic Your Will Ever Need
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Recipes currently included are:

Face Masks
#1 Skin Soften
#2 Brightening
#3 Anti Wrinkle Firming and Anti Aging
#4 Exfoliating
#5 Detoxifying

Skin Firming
#1 Collagen Boosting Serum
#2 Skin Firming Lemon Balm Rinse

Cleansers & Exfoliators
#1 Anti Ageing Milk and Honey Skin Cleanser
#2 Skin Cell Stimulator and Cleanser
#3 Wrinkle Beating Exfoliators
#4 Lemon Juice and Sugar Exfoliator
#5 Lemon Juice and Baking soda Exfoliator

#1 Lip Balm
#2 Argan Body Butter
#3 Natural make up remover

With the spread of knowledge about the very harmful chemical found in our everyday products and the new research into traditional cosmetics more and more people are trying the natural alternative…and enoying it!

Start now by downloading your Free eBook.

The Ultimate Guide to Cactus Seed Oil
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The Ultimate Guide to Cactus Seed Oil – 17 pages – 3.8mb

This Free eBook is about Pure Moroccan Cactus Seed Oil.

Possibly one of the most expensive cosmetic oils in the world that takes 1000 KG of cactus fruits to make just 1 litre of pure oil.

It is known by many names. Barbary fig seed oil, Berber Fig Seed Oil, Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil, Cactus Pear Oil, Aknari ( the word for cactus in Berber ) and even Moroccan Cactus Oil.

These are all names for the same thing Pure Opuntia Ficus Indica seed Oil.

Learn all about the properties, uses and how this well guarded secret with our Free 17 page eBooklet.


The Ultimate Guide to Argan Oil – 34 Pages – 6.8mb – PDF Format

The Ultimate Guide to Argan Oil
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During our most recent visit to Morocco we brought back some photos that we wanted to include in our eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Argan Oil.

So we have now completely rewritten our original eBook which is updated with more complete information and loads of photos of:

-the Argan Forests

- Argan Oil Production

- the Berber Cooperatives

- The Chemistry of Argan Oil

- Culinary Argan Oil for Eating and Health

- How to use Cosmetic Argan Oil for Skin and Hair Care


3 Responses to Members Newsletter and eBooks archive

  • Mario says:

    very good products

  • arganoildirect says:

    Hello Sue

    We can not offer any medical advice with respect to any medication you may be taking.
    If you are interested in testing culinary Argan Oil for cholesterol or heart disease you may wish to discuss with your doctor.
    We have links to the research on this subject in the article which you can follow up on.


  • arganoildirect says:

    Hi Gerri

    Fingers crossed! that will be interesting to hear.
    According to the studies which are listed on our website there could well be some improvement at 30 days- but it would depend on any other factors in your diet that month!

    I have copied in some of the links to studies below in case you are interested..

    In a study a total of 60 subjects were divided into two groups. After 21 days researchers discovered that good HDL cholesterol levels in the blood had gone up significantly in subjects taking an edible Argan Oil supplement.[3] High triglycerides levels in the bloodstream have been linked with cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and stroke. [4] Research revealed that the levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream were also reduced significantly in the culinary Argan oil test group.

    Research was carried out on 96 subjects. One group of 62 participants consumed 15 ml of Argan Oil per day. Much lower LDL cholesterol levels as well as lower apo-B levels were found in tests on the Argan Oil group. Lipoprotein(a) concentrations were also found to be at a reduced level the Argan Oil group. [5] Culinary Argan Oil consumption appears to inhibit the abnormal fatty deposits which develop within artery walls.

    [3] Derouiche A, Cherki M, Drissi A, et al. Nutritional intervention study with argan oil in man: effects on lipids and apolipoproteins. Ann Nutr etab 2005;49:196-201.

    [4] Cherki M, Derouiche A, Drissi A, et al. Consumption of argan oil may have an antiatherogenic effect by improving paraoxonase activities and antioxidant status: intervention study in healthy men. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis 2005;15:352-360.

    [5] Drissi A, Girona J, Cherki M, et al. Evidence of hypolipemiant and antioxidant properties of argan oil derived from the argan tree (Argania spinosa). Clin Nutr 2004;23:1159-1166.

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