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What is Argan Oil

Phytoestrogens – Natural Protection for Skin at Menopause

soya beans

Isoflavones & the Benefits of a Soy Rich Diet for Skin at Menopause

Women that grow up in the “far east” eat a diet rich in soy and tofu. These women also enjoy much lower rates of all menopause symptoms than women in the “west”.

Both Soy and Tofu contains Phytoestrogens a plant derived Oestogen in the body.

In a 2009 study 30 postmenopausal women were given 100 mg/day of isoflavone-rich, concentrated soy extract for six months. The results were clear improvements in skin elasticity and collagen.

Isoflavone Studies

Isoflavones found in Soy can be metabolised into the very useful… Continue reading

Argan Oil Acne

Argan Oil for Acne, Spots & Blemish Free Complexion
face with acne spots

Argan Oil is the moisturiser of choice for people with Acne Prone or “break-out” skin.

Argan Oil does not block pores on of the main causes of spots, blemishes and inflammation.

Rich in Vitamin E,antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Argan Oil combats skin damage from oxidation of serum being produced by the Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria.

Use pure Argan Oil to moisturse breakout skin and help to prevent and heal the side effects of Acne Vulgaris such as blackheads, Hyperpigmentation and Scarring.

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  2. Causes of Acne ►︎
  3. Why Argan Oil is Ideal for Break-out… Continue reading

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

Kalahari Melon Seed Oilkalahari melon seed oil

Kalahari Melon Oil – aka Tsamma melon or kalahari desert melon – is an oil from Africa that is used in natural cosmetics products.

This ancient melon grows wild in the dry Kalahari region of Southern Africa.

The oil made from the Citrullus lanatus melon has many natural properties that make it oil perfect for use in skin and hair care products.


Kalahari Melon Seed Oil Benefits

Local people have used desert melon oil for generations for making personal care products.

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil has many benefits for the face, skin and hair and… Continue reading

The Best Anti Aging Foods for Your Skin

food agingTop Anti Aging Foods for Younger Skin

Foods are the most effective way to slow skin aging.
They combat skin from aging by:

  1. Improving Skin Hydration
  2. Boosting Collagen & Cell Renewal
  3. Fighting Cell Damage from “Free Radicals”
  4. Combating Skin Damage from Sun Exposure

Foods that Improve Hydration

When you are born you are about 80 percent water.

As skin cells become damaged through aging they reproduce less well and contain less water In old age the water content of the body may drop to just 50 percent.
Less water in the cells means thinner, less plump skin which affects the… Continue reading

Argan Oil Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots & Lightening

face with dark spotsArgan Oil for Lightening Dark Spots

Argan Oil has been used for centuries to help maintain a naturally clear complexion.

In Morocco pure Argan is used for its gentle lightening effect on dark spots to reduces dark skin marks and blemishes. But is there any scientific evidence to support this traditional belief that Argan Oil can lighten dark marks?

In 2013 a study was undertaken to discover how Argan Oil might be lightening dark marks and hyper-pigmentation. [9]

So how can natural oils affect the production of melanin in the skin?


The Effect of Argan Oil on Melanin Production

To test… Continue reading

Natural Oils & Sunscreens

red raspberry and carrot seed oil sunscreen spf

The Potential for Natural Oils as Sun Screens & their SPF Values

Some of our customers using our natural tanning formula told us they think they experienced less reddening of their skin when using our Sahara Tanning Serum.

We had always said that our Tanning Serums is nor for sun protection and assumed the SPF value would be 0.

However, when we researched this we discovered that studies have recorded high SPF protection values from some natural oils.

Learn about Sahara Natural Tanning Serum ►︎

Why Using Natural Oils for SPF Protection Could be a Good Idea?

Natural Oils Options… Continue reading

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Is Argan Oil Vegan? Vegan Cosmetics & Beauty

Is Argan Oil a Vegan Friendly Product?

We have often be asked “I have heard that Argan Oil is made by using goats. Is Argan Oil a Vegan friendly beauty product?”

There is a lot of uninformed opinion about all aspects of Argan on many of the new web sites selling Argan Oil so what is the truth about Vegan Cosmetics and Argan Oil production?

It is true that in the past goats had been part of the production process but this has not been so for a long time. Even then they were not being exploited in any way.… Continue reading

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