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Argan Oil for Skin

Articles about the benefits of using cosmetic Argan Oil for skin care, How to use Argan Oil

Argan Oil and the Amazing Benefits of Plant Sterols

The Amazing Benefits of Plant Sterols for SkinArgan Nut Plant Sterols

Plant sterols in our diet and topical creams, such as Argan Oil, have amazing effects on the health of your skin.

They occur in foods and once ingested are processed into substances that protect our skin from aging and regulate many other important functions our body.

So, a healthy supply of phytosterols is essential if you want to maintain a healthy and youthful looking skin.


What are Plant Sterols?

Plant sterols are common in our foods.

The most important sterols are beta sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol. All of which… Continue reading

Argan & Natural Oils for Skin Care

The Top 14 Natural Oils for Skin

Ancient societies discovered the benefits of essential oils to protect their skin.

The benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil and Cactus Seed Oils and natural clays are still being enjoyed by the Berber women of Morocco.

Here is our list of the best natural oils to combine with Argan as a carrier oil to create skin-healing oil blends

Natural Oils for Skin Care

argan oil1. Argan Oil & Carrier Oils

Argan Oil is the best carrier/base oil for adding any of these exotic oils. The benefit of using Argan Oil as a base is that… Continue reading

Argan Oil and Natural Collagen Boosters

10 Natural Oils & Herbs that Stimulate Collagen Production
how argan oil boosts skin collagen with vitamin c

Collagen makes up around 74% of our skin and it is collagen that holds us together.

The most popular active ingredient in commercial products is Retinoids.[36] They can increase skin thickness. Unfortunately they also thin the stratum corneum the barrier which holds in moisture causing Xerosis – dry skin. They were also found to decrease Ceramide levels in living skin which are essential for making collagen![33] ( Ponec & Weerheim 1990 )

In other words Retinoid creams can lead to dry skin and lower collagen production – in other words aging!… Continue reading

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay – Ghassoul Clay – The Ultimate Guide

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay – The Ultimate GuideMoroccan Rhassoul Clay Girl

Rhassoul clay, also spelt Ghassoul Clay ,is a wonderful, natural clay which has many cosmetic uses for skin and hair.

The clay has been mined for over 1400 years from deep within the Atlas mountains of Morocco .

In Morocco Rhassoul Clay is an essential beauty product that every women takes to the Hammam.

What is Rhassoul Clay Good for?

> A natural shampoo to wash and condition hair. It is a wonderful hair cleansing shampoo and is prized for its hair softening effects. With regular use it relieves… Continue reading

9 Simple Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Argan Oil & Ways to Reduce WrinklesArgan Oil for Wrinkles

1. Quit Smoking

Finally some good news for all you smokers – and another good reason to quit. You could start looking 13 years younger!
Smoking is known for its negative aging effects on skin. But the good news is that a 2010 study in the journal Skinmed showed a reversal of skin age of up to 4 years younger than biological age.

Researchers followed the over a period of 9 months, were followed by a team of dermatologists, psychologists and nutritionists.

Researchers measured skin lines, vascular problems, age pigmentation, elasticity and texture… Continue reading

Argan Oil for Stretch Marks

Argan Oil for Stretch Marks?pregnant women under argan tree

Argan Oil is the best natural product to use for removing and preventing stretch marks.

There are many reasons for the appearance of stretch marks, such as pregnancy, weight gain, puberty, a health condition, body building or excessive use of corticosteroid medication.

In all cases stretch marks are caused by the same problem – extensive stretching of the skin over a short time.[1]

On this Page
  ●  Is Argan Oil Good For Stretch Marks?
  ●  Preventing Stretch Marks
  ●  Argan Oil During Pregnancy
  ●  Stretch Marks and Body Building… Continue reading

Argan Oil for Preventing Winter Skin Problems

Argan Oil for Dry & Winter Skinhow to prevent dry skin problems with argan oil

In winter take extra care to protect your exposed skin.

Dry winter winds, over heated homes, hot workplaces dehydrate the skin.

This is where Argan Oil can help providing a natural barrier to weather.
It locks in moisture to prevent irritation that can develop into a bigger problem.

Winter Use of Argan Oil

A little Argan Oil goes a long way.

So it is economical enough to use for the whole body, for hands and lips.

It has a soothing, nourishing and protecting effect on skin.Argan Oil helps stimulate cell renewal to heal… Continue reading

How to Make Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Products using Argan Oil

Argan Oil & Making Natural Skin Care ProductsMake natural products for skin care with argan oil

Making your own personal care products is not only simple, cheaper and better but is also fun.

On this page you will find a range of simple to make natural cosmetics that cover most personal care needs.

On this Page
  ● Anti Ageing Skin Cleanser
  ● Skin Cell Stimulator and Cleanser
  ● Wrinkle Beating exfoliators
  ● Skin Firming Face Rinse
  ● Home Made Argan Oil Face Mask


Skin Cleansers

Most commercial soaps that you will find in a supermarket are harsh and very drying for skin. Pure Argan Oil is… Continue reading

Post Menopausal Skin – The Effects of Argan Oil

Post menopausal Skin & The Effects of Cosmetic & Culinary Argan Oilmenopause skin changes treatment

During menopause decreases in oestrogen hormone production adversely affect the process of collagen and skin fibre production. This can result in decreased skin elasticity – the main sign of aging. Other symptoms can occur such as dry skin, burning sensation, blotchy skin and rashes.

The Berber women of Morocco say that using cosmetic Argan Oil on the skin and eating Culinary Argan Oil helps prevent aging of the skin by maintaining elasticity.

So, researchers at a number of Moroccan Universities undertook a study to uncover why Moroccan women… Continue reading