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Microbiomes & Your Skin Health

microbiome skin

The microbiome is a term for all the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic things that coexist in your body.

There are two important microbiomes. The gut microbiome is well known and researched – I’m sure you have all heard about probiotics from Danone / Yakult and the “friendly bacteria”?

However, it turns out there is another microbiome for the skin.

When viewed as a whole these microbiomes act like another major organ in your body. Research now reveals that the health and balance of the microbiomes is essential for the health of your… Continue reading

Candida a Cause of Skin Problems

Candida – the Cause of Your Skin Problems?Candida and skin problems

What is Candida?

Candida is type of fungus infection that can cause skin problems. Often the symptoms are minor but candida can also cause a range of health problems from digestive trouble to a general feeling of being unwell with lack of energy and headaches.

Candida is a form of yeast that lives in your mouth and intestines. Under normal conditions it aids digestion and nutrient absorption. However, the “western diet” is now so full of sugar and fermented products that candida starts to overgrow and can even break down the… Continue reading

Israeli Argan Oil and Argan 100

The Flag of IsraelIsraeli Argan Oil & Argan 100

Will Israeli Projects impact the livelihood of Berber Womens Cooperatives?

Israel has been trying to establish itself in the Argan Oil business and is starting to grow the Argan tree in the Negev desert Israel. The project is part of a national program to encourage new Israeli settlers to establish new communities in more rural areas. Israeli companies have been developing what they call a “super strain” of Argan. They claim that this strain should survive in less harsh conditions and produce ten times more nuts than the trees in Morocco

The Argan… Continue reading

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