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Argan Oil for Skin

100% Pure Argan Oil Bottle
100% Pure Argan Oil – 2.20fl oz

Pure Argan Oil double filtered.
This type of Argan Oil has no Argan nut smell.
The best choice for skin care and hair treatments.

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Argan Oil is used for its anti-aging and skin regenerating effects.

It is rich in anti oxidants, sterols and Omega fatty acids that naturally hydrate skin, boost collagen levels and stimulate skin renewal. This means firmer more supple skin with less wrinkles.

Argan Oil is also naturally anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and does not block pores.
This is why it is so great for all skin types including problem dry, mature, acne-prone or sensitive, skin.

13 Benefits & Uses of Argan Oil for Skin

  1. Anti Aging Effect
  2. Natural Moisturises
  3. Hydrates Dry Skin
  4. Evens Blotchy Complexion
  5. Aids Healing of Scars
  6. Eczema & Psoriasis
  7. Suitable for Acne & Sensitive Skin
  8. Menopausal Skin
  9. Gentley Lightens Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation
  10. Boosts Skin Cell Renewal
  11. Helps prevent Stretch Marks
  12. Softens Dry Hands & Feet
  13. Heals & Protects Cracked Lips

The Berber women of Morocco discovered that Argan Oil fights UV damage to the skin.
With regular use it keeps spots and acne under control. The result, a clearer blemish-free complexion.

With time skin aging slows and existing signs of age soften. Fine lines and wrinkles on the face fade. Skin tone and texture improve.

Gentle and organic Argan can be used during pregnancy to help prevent scars caused by stretch-marks.

Nutrients in Argan Oil have anti-septic and anti-inflammatory effects and because Argan is non-comedogenic oil it won’t block pores or irritate skin.
This makes it an excellent moisturiser for people with Acne, sensitive skin or a blotchy complexion.

Best of all Argan Oil is a natural, organic and chemical-free product.


Anti Aging

Argan Oil is most famous for its natural anti-aging effects on skin and hair.

It contains many nutrients that combat inflammation, improve hydration and stimulate skin cell renewal to boost collagen production.
With regular use it gives firmer more supple and youthful looking skin with lines and wrinkles visibly reduced.
Light and non-greasy it is perfect anti aging product to use on the face and neck.

For best results, apply Argan Oil and leave on as an overnight treatment.


Moisturising & Hydrating

Skin is made up of several layers which form a barrier to prevent water loss.
Studies show that low levels of essential nutrients leads to breakdown of this protective barrier and dry or even cracked skin.

The most important skin regenerating nutrients include oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, miristic acid, lauric acid, triglycerides, tocopherols, and plant sterols.
All of these nutrients are found in high levels in cosmetic Argan Oil and culinary Argan Oil.

Research tested skin hydration formulas using these nutrients and discovered creams significantly increased skin hydration and sebum within 28 days.[10]

Girl  argan oil makes skin healthier

Dry Skin Conditions

Argan Oil improves skin hydration by preventing trans-epidermal water loss.

Argan Oil is used to care for dry skin two ways. It can be applied to dry skin as a moisturising and regenerative treatment.
It can also be used as a protective barrier before and after washing.

Apply pure Argan Oil as a barrier before showering or add it to a bath to combat the drying effect of soap.
After washing apply Argan Oil to maintain moisture, reduce drying and tightness caused by dehydrating products and stimulate skin regeneration.


Acne, Clear Skin and Blotchy Complexions

Spots, acne, blemishes, rashes, bad diet and even candida infections all cause bad complexions.
These are skin problems that can lead to hard-to-shift hyperpigmentation, dark spots and permanent scars such as “pockmarks”.

The best way to a clearer complexion is simply to prevent these problems from occurring. If your skin is spot-prone or sensitive to other commercial moisturisers then Argan Oil may be the solution.

Argan is “non comedogenic” which means that it does not clog up skin pores – a cause of Acne and spots. Polyphenols in Argan Oil give it a natural anti-septic effect which helps to prevent spots appearing. [14]

Reducing inflammation and rashes is also important for a clear complexion. This is where anti inflammatory Saponins in Argan Oil can be of help to reduces redness and skin irritation.
Other studies found that plant sterols, particularly from natural sources such as green tea polyphenols, have a therapeutic role in the treatment of acne vulgaris [22].

It is this combination of nutrients that makes Argan Oil an excellent choice for Acne-prone and blotchy skin complexions


Healing Skin from Minor Scars and Acne

The effects of natural oils and herbs for stimulating skin renewal has been the subject of many studies.

Scars caused by damage to the skin, whether from acne, surgery or photo-aging were found to benefit from treatment with natural oils.
In some cases the healing of wounds was accelerated by up to 44%!

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Menopause and Skin Aging

During menopause decreases in oestrogen hormone, a powerful, natural anti oxidant, adversely affect the process of collagen and skin fibre production.
This can result in decreased skin elasticity and a loss of collagen of up to 30% in 5 years.

A study of 60 women into the effects of eating Culinary Argan Oil and applying cosmetic Argan Oil topically found that the combination of nutrients improved skin elasticity by the decreasing the quantity of TGFß – transforming growth factor-beta”. The result is more messages to the cells fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastic fibres. Treatment with Argan oil supplement increased the levels of vitamin E in the bloodstream of post menopausal women. Much more so than Olive oil.

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Hyperpigmentation, Lightening & Dark Marks on Skin

In 2013 a study was made to discover how Argan Oil might be lightening dark marks and hyper-pigmentation. [9]

Hyperpigmentation and dark spots whether caused by spots, injury or hormonal cause are difficult to treat.
The increase in melanin production which darkens skin is often a reaction to inflammation.

To speed up fading of marks use a treatment for reducing inflammation in your skin.
Argan Oil is ideal for this because it has a natural anti inflammatory action which also reduces redness and skin irritation.

Argan Oil is also rich in Vitamin E – a natural anti-oxidant which has been shown to have depigmenting effects on patches of melanin.[43]
Studies found Researchers discovered that Argan Oil inhibits the conversion of enzymes called TYR and DCT – which make melanin.[9]

Plant sterols found in culinary Argan Oil and Cosmetic Argan Oil also mimic cholesterol and prevent loss of epidermal keratinocyte membranes a natural protection against heat,UV radiation and water loss. Regular could help protect skin from some of the effects of sunlight the biggest enemy when trying to clear dark spots and hyperpigmentation.[9]

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Preventing Stretch Markspregnant women under argan tree

Many women have found that by applying Argan Oil to skin during pregnancy that stretch marks can be reduced. This may be due to its ability to help keep skin firm and flexible and fight the breakdown of collagen and elastins that is caused by the stretching of skin during pregnancy.

If you are concerned about the safety of using a stretch mark product during pregnancy then Organic Argan Oil is certainly the best choice. It is also likely to be more effective than the expensive chemical creams on sale.

Stretch marks are best prevented by using Argan Oil as early as possible and continuing use for 2 or 3 months after the end of the pregnancy.

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How to Use Argan Oil for Skin Care

You can apply Argan Oil directly to dry or moist skin.
Use it on the face or the whole body as a cream or moisturiser.

How to Use Argan Oil on the Face

Argan has a gentle, natural action and can be applied as often as needed.

For smaller, delicate areas, such as around the eyes the best way to use Argan Oil for your face is by applying a few drops at a time to your fingertips.
Next, gently pat the oil into the areas needed and massage the oil in.

For larger areas put oil directly on the skin and gently massage.
Argan Oil is most often applied last thing after cleaning the skin as an overnight treatment.


For Dry Skin Conditions

Argan Oil makes an excellent natural emollient for dry skin or problems like Eczema.
It can be applied liberally over the affected areas before showering.
This prevents sensitive areas of skin from exposure to irritating and dehydrating soap products.

After drying skin a second lighter application will help tightening of the skin and dehydration as it dries.
This can also be applied to moist or damp skin.


The Different Types of Cosmetic Argan Oil

There are two grades of genuine cosmetic Argan Oil.

Both are organic and cold-pressed from the Argan nut kernels.

The first grade of Argan Oil has a natural Argan nut smell. This is a cold-pressed oil that is passed through a single filtration process.
“Naturally scented” Argan is best grade for dry skin problems, inflamed skin and conditions such Eczema or Psoriasis.

For face and hair treatments unscented Argan Oil is the most poular choice. Unscented Argan Oil is passed through a second filtration process. This removes all sediment and some water content to produce a near odourless oil.

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What is in Moroccan Argan Oil?

  1. Anti Oxidants – Slow aging of your skin ageing and promote cell renewal.
  2. Healthy omega fatty acids – Keep skin supple.
  3. Triterpenoids – Promotes healing of injuries to the skin.
  4. Butyrospermol – Anti inflammatory action.
  5. Beta Amyrine – Supports skin cell renewal.
  6. Lupenol – Anti septic properties.
  7. Phytosterols – Skin regenerative.

Phytosterols are particularly effective at preventing skin aging and regulate other body systems. They are essential to include in diet and can be applied topically in oils.
When eaten they are absorbed from the intestine into plasma and transferred to skin.

Studies found that adding 30g day of plant sterols to the diet for 6 weeks it increased beta-sitosterol levels in the skin surface.

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Making Your Own Natural Skin Care Products

Argan Oil protects and nourish your skin best when used in its pure form.

However, you can also combine the benefits of Argan Oil with natural products.
Use Argan Oil as a carrier oil for making serums for skin care and hair growth.

It also makes an excellent base ingredient for making cosmetic products such as face masks, collagen boosting creams, oil serums and much more.

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100% Pure Argan Oil Bottle
100% Pure Argan Oil – 2.20fl oz

Pure Argan Oil double filtered.
This type of Argan Oil has no Argan nut smell.
The best choice for skin care and hair treatments.

  ●  100% Pure Oil
  ●  Certified Organic
  ●  Free Delivery
  ●  In Stock
  ●  Quality Guarantee

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Buy Pure Argan Oil to Use for Skin Care

We sell 2 types of genuine, organic and pure cosmetic Argan Oil.

The first is our “Naturally Scented”. This is made from an extra-virgin cold-pressing and a single filtration process.
This grade of cosmetic Argan oil has a natural Argan nut scent and is recommended for blotchy, acne prone or inflamed skin.

Our “Unscented” Argan Oil is the same extra-virgin oil which is filtered a second time. This type of cosmetic Argan Oil has less sediment, less water content and no smell.
It is the best choice for face, general skin care and hair treatments.

Buy both types of certified, organic Argan Oil for skin and hair from our on-line store.
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