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Argan Oil for Dry Skin

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The Quest for Hydrated, Youthful Skin

People choose Argan Oil because it is such a good natural moisturiser.

It is ideal to use on the face because it quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily film.
Furthermore, this pure, natural oil maintains the outer skin layer, for a more hydrated and youthful appearance.

This is why so many people use Argan Oil for dry skin problems.

So, if you suffer from dry skin then read on and discover the natural and effective solution.

Understanding Why Skin Tends to Dry

Our body contains many of oils and some of these maintain the skin’s outer layer.

This outer skin layer is our moisture barrier that prevents water loss and so preserves vitality. If these oils diminish, so does your skin’s ability to renew and retain moisture.

As we age, there is also gradual decrease in the production of essential skin oils and lipids.

The result? Signs of aging.

Why is Argan Oil So Good for Dry Skin?

Argan Oil is naturally beneficial for dry skin because of its unique nutritional content.

Some of the more well known compounds that have benefits for your skin include:

💧 Vitamin E[0] – a powerful antioxidant that fights cell damage.
💧 Oleic acid[6].
💧 Linoleic acid [13].
💧 Stearic acid [15].
💧 Lauric acid [1].
💧 Triglycerides [18].
💧 Plant sterols.

All of these are proven to contribute to a more healthy skin with topical application.

It is worth noting that adding essential fatty acids ( Omega’s ) to our diet can also have a big impact on skin dryness.

Supporting Research?

There is plenty of research that shows that creams and oils containing these nutrients significantly increased skin hydration in as little as 28 days [21].

In addition, there are studies that specifically tested the benefits of using Argan Oil.


One looked into the topical application of Argan Oil combined with eating culinary Argan Oil as a supplement for women experiencing menopausal skin symptoms [22].
Another study looked specifically at the issue of Argan Oil for skin dryness [23].

The evidence underscores why Argan Oil is such an excellent natural emollient for dry skin and problems like Eczema.

This is a gentle and natural product so do not expect “instant miracle effects”.
Of course, all skin types are different, so some people may experience much better results than others.

Most studies saw measurable results after around 28 days.
With long term regular application, it should be possible to see continued benefits. A reduction in dryness, flakiness, and rough patches.

Moreover, Argan Oils anti-inflammatory qualities may also help to reduce discomfort and itchiness linked with dry skin conditions.

Are you a especially interested in Argan Oil and natural products for a dry skin problem?
If so, you may want to check out our article about combining pure Argan Oil with the extra hydating properties of some essential oils.


Aging leads to a gradual decrease in oils within the skin leading to dry skin problems and aged appearance.

Carrier Oils, such as Argan Oil, are a great way to nourish skin and will help maintain good levels of hydration.

Furthermore, by carefully selecting specific potent essential oils and diluting them in Argan Oil, you can create a custom antiaging serum.
This customized serum may offer a boosted hydrating effect for your skin.

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