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Argan Oil & Natural Treatments for Arthritis

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Argan Oil has been traditionally used in Morocco to relieve symptoms of Arthritis.

Cosmetic Argan Oil is blended with essential oils to make massage oil that is used for external joint pain relief.

Culinary Argan Oil is eaten to combat joint inflammation.

Diet, Culinary Argan Oil & Arthritis

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant and Lipid Modulatory

Culinary Argan Oil is used as a dietary supplement for Arthritis because it contains many anti-inflammatory compounds that have the potential to help relieve inflammatory diseases.

  1. Triterpenoids [61]
  2. butyrospermol (18%)–anti inflammatory
  3. Stigmasterol [62]
  4. Linoleic Acid [68]
  5. Flavinoids [69]

Stigmasterol – Anti-osteoarthritic Properties
Studies into the potential anti-inflammatory effects of this phytosterol concluded…
“stigmasterol inhibits several pro-inflammatory and matrix degradation mediators typically involved in OA-induced cartilage degradation” [62]

These are important, biologically active substances well known for their anti-inflammatory benefits.[1]
Culinary Argan Oil contains around 18% of Triterpenes.

Linoleic acid – Rheumatoid Arthritis
Linoleic acids in Culinary Argan Oil increase production of prostaglandins 1 which are of help in rheumatologic conditions.[1]

Several studies show it is an effective treatment for reducing inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis. A 6-month study [48] identified “statistically significant and clinically relevant” reductions in R.A. A suggested supplement dose is around 2 to 3 grams a day taken in separate doses.

Antioxidants, flavonoids, sapponins – Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Antioxidants, flavonoids, saponins like Arginine and tocopherols are found at very high levels.

These nutrients are known to promote good circulation and have natural anti-inflammatory effects.
Although there is not much scientific evidence about how flavinoids help with RA studies {57] do show that it may help alleviate Arthritic pain.

Knee Osteoarthritis Study

A study was made by the American College of Rheumatology to test if consuming Culinary Argan Oil could be used to alleviate knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

After 8 weeks the improvements were assessed using a variety of widely used tests.
The results showed a “very significant decrease” in pain and improvements in mobility.

Read the full details of this study ⯈

Doseage: How Much Culinary Argan Oil to use as a Nutritional Supplement

For dosage we suggest using the amounts given as a dietary supplement during research.

It is proposed that 15ml to 25ml ( about 1 to 2 tablespoons ) of culinary Argan Oil, daily, included in the diet could have a significant value as part of a natural Arthritis treatment plan.

The studies lasted around 6 weeks before the effects were recorded.

The study into Knee osteoarthritis, detailed above, used 30 ml / 1 fl oz each morning for 8 weeks .

The study was done with 100 people. Researchers concluded that:
“Patient’s consumption of argan oil seems to be safe and efficacious in improving clinical symptoms of KOA. It has potential to significantly reduce pain and increase mobility.

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Argan Massage Serum & the Best Oils for Pain Relief

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An external, analgesic, massage oil is made up of two parts – the carrier oil and the essential oils.

A Cosmetic Argan Oil is used as the carrier oil for making external pain-relieving massage oils.
These blends are simple to make and can be effective when used on joints affected by Arthritis.

Use a pure cosmetic Argan Oil for the oil base then simply add your chosen essential oils.
The most popular oils include Eucalyptus, Arnica, Mustard Seed and Ginger.

1 Carrier Oil 60ml Pure Organic Argan Oil + 40ml Essential Oils
Note: You do not need to use all of these oils at the same time!
You can start with one or two added to your carrier oil.
Adjust the suggested concentrations and with trial and error see what works best for you.
As a start point, Eucalyptus and Arnica are recommended to try

  1. 5 / 10ml – Eucalyptus Oil
  2. 5 / 10ml – Arnica [53]
  3. 5 / 10ml Lavendar [54]
  4. 5ml – Ginger Oil
  5. 5ml – Myrrh Oil
  6. 5ml – Basil Oil
  7. 5ml – Frankincense Oil
  8. 5ml – Bitter Orange Oil
  9. 5ml – Black Cumin Seed Oil – Nigella Sativa
  10. 5ml – Turmeric Oil

A number of studies have confirmed that topically applied oils can decrease the severity of arthritis.
It was found that despite some mainstream claims that there is no transmission of oil through the skin that:

“Essential oils and their components are rapidly absorbed through the skin and are detectable in plasma after topical application ().
Therefore, topical dermal delivery of EO represents an effective method to directly deliver a natural, anti-inflammatory agent to the site of inflammation.” [25]

The list contains some of the essential oils thought to be most promising for natural Arthritis treatments.

Diluting Essential Oils:

Pure essential oils are very concentrated and can cause a reaction and skin irritation.
Just about all essential oils should be diluted before applying to skin.

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Natural Treatments for Arthritis 48 pages – 4.2mb

eBook – Natural Approaches to Arthritis Treatment

This 48 page eBook is about natural treatments and Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis.

The eBook contains:

– 6 Recipes for natural pain-relieving compresses and oils.
– 10 of the most essential foods to include in any anti-inflammatory diet.
– 6 of the top inflammation-fighting spices.
– 6 Traditional herbal remedies tried and tested over the centuries.

Each treatment is presented with details of:

– Active Ingredients
– What each treatment does and how
– Any warnings about use
– Suggested ways to use for a treatment plan

All information is provided with links to references and scientific studies that tested the claims that are made.



In conclusion, organic culinary Argan Oil, for eating could prove to be an effective alternative to common Arthritis anti-inflammatory drugs.
This with foods that have high levels of plant derived linoleic acid can be a useful dietary supplement.

Cosmetic Argan Oil can also be used combined with other natural oils, such as eucalyptus, as an external massage treatment.

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