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Pure Argan Oil for Skin & Hair – Culinary Argan Oil for Eating & HealthArgan Oil Benefits

Hello, my name is Malika. I was born in Morocco where my family have been making Olive and Argan Oils for generations.
In 1998 I started working from Europe with the best of the Berber women’s co-operatives back home to source genuine pure Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil.

Now, our world-wide customer base means we offer the finest, Organic Argan Oil and Cactus Seed Oils of Morocco, in the freshest condition, and at the best price.

You will find everything you need to know about Argan and Cactus Seed Oils by exploring the articles on this site. If not please get in contact and I will answer your questions.

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What to Look for When Buying Argan Oil

Here are a few things to look for if you want to get genuine Argan Oil.

Firstly, there are two types of cosmetic Argan Oil. The main difference is in what the Argan oil smells like. One is a grade of Argan Oil that is cold-pressed and filtered once. This type of Argan Oil has an Argan nut scent. The other grade of Argan Oil is filtered a second time and so has almost no argan nut scent.

From feedback from our customers we find that double filtered unscented Argan Oil is best for anti aging, face and hair treatments. The naturally scented cosmetic Argan Oil is best for skin problems where inflammation is a problem.

Genuine, pure, virgin Argan Oil it should be light to medium yellow in colour. Although colours vary with each pressing a scent free oil is a lighter yellow colour than a scented oil and has no sediment. Both grades of will have a rich, creamy texture and will be quickly absorbed when massaged into your skin leaving little or no oily residue.

Before purchasing check the bottle ingredients list only pure or 100% pure Argan Oil – not “contains” Argan Oil.

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100% Pure Argan Oil Bottle
100% Pure Argan Oil – 2.20fl oz

Pure Argan Oil double filtered.
This type of Argan Oil has no Argan nut smell.
The best choice for skin care and hair treatments.

  ●  100% Pure Oil
  ●  Certified Organic
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Pure and Organic Argan Oil

Firstly, the good news is that in effect all Argan Oils are grown organically.

The Berber foresters who tend the Argan trees have little interest or knowledge of pesticides and fertilisers.
In addition, they do not have the financial resources to spend on agricultural chemicals even if they saw a reason to use them.

Organic certification is a very expensive process – way out of the reach of cooperatives.
However, in recent years the Moroccan government and foreign organisations have funded Ecocert, USDA certification in most areas.

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How to Use Argan Oil for Skin Care

Naturally rich in vitamins Argan Oil improves skin condition and helps to prevent aging of your skin and boost collagen production naturally. Regular use will deliver smoother, firmer skin, reduced lines and wrinkles, less blemishes, reduced minor scars and much more.

This is why it is known as liquid gold and is the only anti aging treatment the Berber women of Morocco have ever needed. Argan oil is also used to protect against stretch marks and treat difficult skin problem such as Eczema.

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How to Use Pure Argan Oil for Hair Treatments

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil hair treatments have many uses. In fact the benefits of pure oil hair treatments have been known about in Morocco for centuries. This made it the hair conditioner of choice for all Berber women.

Research has also shown that essential oils can slow hair loss and boost hair growth by 44%.

Rescue tired and damaged hair with just a few treatments. These will repair the hair-shaft, condition the scalp and treat the roots.

Argan can also be blended with other natural oils to create the ultimate, total hair repair serum. Try our Hair Magick hair repair serum which contains 40% pure Argan plus other pure and natural oils that cleanse the scalp and add a high gloss shine. A deep hair repair treatment takes only 30 minutes and should be done no more than once a week to have full effect.

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Culinary Argan Oil Bottle
Culinary Argan Oil – 2x 6.76fl oz

Culinary Argan Oil has a Delicious Toasted Nutty Flavour.

  ●  100% Pure Oil
  ●  Certified Organic
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Buy Culinary Argan Oil for Eating and Supplements

Culinary Argan Oil has a roasted, nutty flavour and is a golden brown colour. You can use it for cooking and eating or even as a nutritional supplement.

The nutty flavour is produced by first toasting the sun dried Argan Nuts before cold pressing. In Morocco we buy toasted, edible Argan Oil to use for many recipes both savoury and sweet.

Many health benefits are proposed for culinary Argan Oil. It is full of nutrients that are of benefit as part of a natural Arthritis treatment, reducing High Cholesterol levels, heart disease, diabetes and more. In Morocco pure culinary Argan Oil is used not just for eating but for its health benefits.

We do not sell Argan Oil in capsules because capsules contains much less than the dose required for treating health issues problems. If you are purchasing culinary oil for its health benefits we suggest using pure oil as a more effective alternative to Argan Oil capsules.

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