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What is Moroccan Argan Oil made from?

What is Moroccan Oil

Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil?

There are two types Argan oil produced from the same Argan nuts but for each oil the nuts are processed in a different way.

The Cosmetic oil is a light yellow colour and is used either directly on the hair or skin on its own or as part of a cream. It is the Cosmetic oil that has been traditionally used for its anti-ageing properties,on the hair, for treatment of sun damage to the skin, burns and Eczema.

The edible Argan oil is golden brown colour and is used for cooking and eating. To produce this oil the Argan Nuts are first roasted. The oil produced from the Argan nuts then has the golden brown colour and delicious nutty flavour.

Argan tree fruits are almond nut-sized and ovoid. Inside of a milky pulp covered by a thick peel, is an very hard shelled seed which is the Argan nut.

Argan nuts contain up to three oil-rich white kernels from which Argan oil is extracted.

No matter which method is used to press the Argan Oil dough and extract the pure oil the process always starts in the same way.

Traditional Methods

Traditionally, Argan Oil is extracted by women.

After removing the covering the Argan nuts are broken with stones and the kernels are air-dried in clay containers. After cooling they are ground in to dough by mixing with water for several minutes.

If an Argan Oil is being produced for eating then the nut kernels are first removed and gently roasted. This roasting accounts for the eating oil’s distinctive, nutty flavour.

It takes several days and about 32 kilograms of fruit – roughly one season’s produce from a single tree – to make only one litre of oil.

New Production Methods

To improve product quality the way in which the oil is extracted has been changing in recent years. The extra income the new found interest in Argan Oil has provided means that most co-operatives can now afford to buy modern mechanical presses to extract the Argan Oil by cold-pressing the nut kernels directly.

There are a number of advantages to using a mechanical press. A mechanical press is quicker at extracting the oil, a process that was also quite arduous. The Argan co-operatives have also found that the oil produced by the mechanical presses has a lower water content. This lower water content has meant that the oil has an improved shelf life and richer texture.


Argan Oil that is the oil that is famous for its benefits for hair and for skin. Genuine Pure Argan Oil is produced from the Argan tree and the Argan tree is native to only one country in the world, Morocco.

But, beware, if you buy a product labelled “Moroccan Oilcheck the ingredients very carefully to make sure they contain pure or even any Argan Oil. Olive oil also comes from Morocco and so could be called a Moroccan Oil. That is not to say that a product which uses the brand name of Moroccan Oil is not Argan Oil or does not contain some Argan Oil but do check.
The same problem exists in mainstream supermarket products. Companies like Garnier, Nivea and others produce products for skin and hair using the name Argan Oil in big letters on the front of the packaging.

It is the Pure Argan Oil that has the wonderful benefits for hair and for skin.

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