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Moroccan Oil moroccan argan oil ingredients

What is Moroccan Oil

The Difference between “Moroccan Oil” and Argan Oil

Moroccan Oil is another name widely used to describe products which may or in many cases may not be genuine Argan Oil and certainly won’t have the same benefits.
So is Argan Oil Moroccan Oil? Well the answer is sometimes.

Genuine pure Argan Oil is produced from the nut kernel of the Argan tree and the Argan tree grows in only one country in the world, Morocco. This is why some companies use the name Moroccan oil to refer to Argan Oil. This is the reason why other companies and websites are advertising “Moroccan Oil”, but always check the ingredients carefully to make sure they contain pure or even some Argan Oil for skin or for hair.

Some companies have used the name Moroccan Oil for their products but legally speaking these products could contain anything from Olive oil to Sunflower oil. So read the labels carefully. Moroccan Argan Oil should have no ingredients listed. Be aware when you see dozens of great moroccan oil reviews for their Moroccan Oil that most companies pay people to write these reviews that you see! If in doubt ask the retailer is the product is 100% Pure Argan Oil from Morocco.

One well known brand for hair is called MoroccanOil. This is not pure Argan Oil but a brand which does not claim to be Argan Oil but uses the name Morocco as a brand only.

Be very careful of very cheap Argan Oil – it does not exist. Some companies ask us how we keep our prices so low? Well, my family is from Morocco and we know the Berber cooperatives and can work directly with them. We avoid packaging and heavy glass bottles to keep these costs off of our prices.

Buy genuine pure Moroccan Argan Oil.




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