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Protect Your Hair with Argan Oil hot oil hair treatment16 Argan Oil & Recipes for Healthy Hair growth

Natural Treatments to Boost Hair Strength, Volume & Shine

Natural hot-oil treatments with oils like Argan, nutritional supplements and herbal rinses are a great and natural way of improving hair volume, strength and shine as well as promoting healthy growth.

If we suffer from visible hair loss or not everyone wants to keep hair look great and to maintain volume. To banish frizz, split ends, dandruff and scalp problems for good we need to combine diet and lifestyle changes with external conditioning treatments.

The natural option is to use a scientifically tested blend of essential that promote stronger hair growth.

Argan Oil & essential oils hair growth formula

Different essential oils have long been used in traditional medicine by various cultures around the world. Studies were carried our in Scotland [1] and South Korea [3] to test the effectiveness of some of these folk remedies for baldness.

Two groups of 86 patients used a blend of essential oils in a mix of carrier oils applied to the scalp once a day for 6 months. The study showed that 44% of the test subjects experienced clear hair regrowth. This was as good the results using minoxidil based drugs but without any of the side-effects. [1][4]

Here we detail how to re-create the formulas used in these tests for yourself.

Step 1: Choosing a carrier oil

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Although generally safe, essential oils are powerful and can cause skin irritation.
They should not be used in a pure, undiluted form but should always be added in small quantities to a carrier oil.

The most popular choice of carrier oils are those high in Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids. These nutrients condition and repair the hair shaft as well as cleansing the scalp, hair follicle. They can also calm inflammation another major contributor to hair loss.

The most popular choices for carriers oils are Jojoba Oil [1] [9], Argan Oil, Evening Primrose, Grape-seed Oil and Coconut Oil. Jojoba oil is always included in a carrier oil blend. This is because it is the most similar to your scalp’s own natural oily secretions. Its scalp cleaning properties have been well documented.

Argan Oil Pure coconut oil is supplied as a solid “butter” and may be difficult to keep liquid. If you wish to reproduce the hair growth formula in the studies details then our Hair Magick hair serum makes the ideal carrier oil. It contains Argan Oil Jojoba and Coconut Oils in a pre-blended and liquid serum.

Step 2: The best essential oils to stimulate hair growth, thicken hair and slow greying

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Test were carried out using Pumpkin seed oil on 76 male patients mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The result showed that the group using Pumpkin Seed Oil had more hair after treatment than the placebo group. Hair counts showed a mean increase of 40% over the 24 week study period. [3]

Thyme Essential OilThe active ingredient in thyme oil is thymol. This is a powerful antiseptic and bactericide and inhibits enzyme activity in the hair follicle to encourage hair growth. [1]

Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone Is widely used in shampoos and hair tonics for its reputation for encouraging new hair growth by stimulating circulation. [1]

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender and Rosemary is an ancient anti-inflammatiry and anti-bacterial combination for reviving damaged hair. It is also recommended for reducing stress which can play a part in any hair loss pattern.

Cedarwood essential oil [1]

An essential oil recipe for hair growth and to slow hair loss

Mix the ingredients and store in a suitable container – such as a bottle with a pump.

1: The base “carrier oil”
30ml Pure Argan Oil*
15ml Coconut Oil*
15ml Jojoba*
(this carrier oil combination is available pre-blended as our Hair Magick serum).
20ml Grape Seed Oil

2: The essential oils
1ml (15-20 drops) of each
essential oil of thyme,
essential oil of lavender,
essential oil of rosemary
essential oil of cedar wood ( Chamaecyparis obtusa )

pumpkin seed oil

How to use essential oils for conditioning

This oil serum is usually applied to the scalp. Enough oil should be used to allow a comfortable massaging of the areas you wish to treat.
If you are using this formula to boost hair growth or maintain healthy hair where there is not a hair loss problem then you may want to use less oil and massage into the whole scalp and down to any hairline.

After massage the hair should ideally be wrapped in hot towels for 20 to 30 minutes to help the oils penetrate. When doing a hot oil hair treatment it is usually recommended that you use a plastic shower that helps retain warms and prevent oils from being absorbed into the towels.
If you can leave in overnight all the better.

When to Apply?
Of course applying oils to you scalp will leave the hair looking oily. So you will need to wash our excess oils with a light and cleaning shampoo. Avoid strong chemical shampoos that are full of waxes.

How often to apply?
During studies applications were made daily. This may not be practical in everyday life, unless you wash your hair nearly every day! So you may just want to do this an hour or so before washing your hair and around 3 times a week.

Any hair treatment regimen will need to be followed for at least 12 to 24 weeks.

16 other Herbs & stimulating tonics for healthy hair

1. Juniper Tonic & Dandruff : Even a common condition like dandruff can be a cause of hair loss so be sure to treat any unusual problems of the scalp.  A very effective hair tonic can be made from Juniper. Use a mixture of 10 drops juniper oil to 1 ounce jojoba oil and apply to scalp to promote hair growth and to eradicate dandruff. Allow to remain on scalp for 15 minutes to half an hour, then shampoo as usual.

2. Indian Herbal Stimulant: Mix 2 tablespoons of amla (Indian gooseberry), reetha (from the soapnut tree), and shikakai, which comes from a shrub native to India. Add egg and form a paste. Apply on scalp and massage throughout hair. Let sit for 25 to 30 minutes, then rinse and cleanse with a mild shampoo. Try this 3 times per week for one month to help hair regrow naturally.

3. Saw Palmetto: has been used to treat hair loss for decades. It is the primary active ingredient found in the vast majority of natural hair loss remedies and may help hair regrow naturally. This may be because Saw Palmetto helps reduce the DHT hormone levels in the body that can cause the hair loss.

4. Stinging nettle: One of the most common herbs used in traditional folk medicine, is said to help regrow hair.

5. Gotu kola: This popular herb is available in its natural form at many health food stores for hair growth.

6. Ginseng: This Chinese herbal medicine is said to rejuvenate the scalp, increase blood flow, and help regrow hair.

7. Fo-ti: Also known as He shou wu (Chinese for “black-haired Mr. He”), this herb has been consumed as tea or in herbal medications to help increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.

8. Vitamin A: Essential for hair growth, but too much vitamin A can actually cause hair loss, so be sure to take no more than 100,000 IU each day. And try natural food sources such as mango, orange, carrot, sweet potato, and squash.

9 Vitamin B boosts the production of hemoglobin, which helps the scalp receive enough oxygen to stay healthy and promote hair growth. Be sure to consume potatoes, bananas, garbanzo beans/chickpeas, chicken breast, oatmeal, pork loin, and roast beef.

10. Folic acid: Found in collard greens, lentils, garbanzo beans/chickpeas, papaya, peas, and asparagus, folic acid contributes to natural hair regrowth.

11. Vitamin E: This  helps blood circulate to the scalp and improve hair growth, can be found in most cereals, almonds, safflower oil, corn oil, and soybean oil. Argan Oil is super-rich in vitamin E and can also be taken in Culinary Oil form.

12. Vitamin C: Required for the healthy development of collagen, which is necessary for growing strong hair. Enjoy kiwi fruit, guava, red peppers, and oranges.

13: Exercise. Daily exercise improves circulation throughout your body, including your scalp, which can result in faster hair growth. Be sure to get your heart pumping at least 3 to 4 times each week.

14. Argan oil: Known for stimulating the production of keratin and helping to create a healthy growing environment. This is why Argan Oil is included in many hair products such as hair conditioners and shampoos. However, for the only way to get the full benefits of Argan Oil is by using the more potent pure oil or our special. Hair Magick Blend of Natural Oils, for a direct action on the hair roots and shaft.

What type of Argan Oil to buy for hair

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Article References & Resources
[1] Hay IC, Jamieson M, Ormerod AD. Randomized trial of aromatherapy. Successful treatment for alopecia areata
[2] Chemical Hair loss treatments guide Video guide by Belgravia Centre

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