Argan Oil in Israel

Israel and the Argan Tree

Cheap Argan Oil for the Future?

Isreali Projects to impact the livelyhood in Traditional Berber Womens Co-operatives

Isreal has been trying to establish itself in the Argan Oil business by trying to grow the tree itself in Israel.
Tree were propagated in Israel from cuttings to obtain “copies” of the original Moroccan stock.

There are around 40 million Argan trees in Morocco but only around 20,000 trees around Israel. Argan trees thrive in the desert conditions where hot dry days are followed by cold nights. They are also mainly found in the Essaouira region of Morocco and perhaps the salt in the air from the sea creates a soil which is salty – the same conditions found in Isreal / Palestine.

Professor Elaine Solowey of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, who is responsible for most of of the argan tree’s propagation in Israel worked with argan trees since 1985. She worked in the National School of Agriculture, Meknes, Morocco, on a 7-year project aimed at increasing fruit yield. In more recent years, she has been developing argan propagation at the Arava Institute.Whether this oil from a high production tree will have the same rich vitamin and nutrient content is we are not able to say.

Unfortunately if the Isreali project produces a cheap version of the Moroccan Argan Oil this can only negatively impact the generations of financial support that the Berber women’s co-operatives of Morocco have enjoyed from producing Argan Oil.

Raw argan oil is an excellent cosmetic base, being full of vitamin E and works well when used with a sunscreen or for burn treatments when combined with aloe vera. For a complete anti ageing tanning serum our Sahara Gold formula combines 3 oils to moisturize, protect, develop a deep tan and repair UV micro-burn damage.

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