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The Benefits of Pure Argan Oil for SkinGirl with argan oil before and after

- The Effects of Pure Argan Oil for Skin
- How to Apply Argan Oil
- The Best Type of Argan for the Face
- Buy Pure Argan Oil

Argan Oil is famous for its anti-aging effects on skin and hair.
It is a natural anti aging moisturiser for face and body.

Argan Oil is rich in anti oxidants, Vitamin E, plant sterols and natural compounds that hydrateskin, boost collagen and stimulate cell renewal for firmer skin with less wrinkles.

Why Argan Oil is So Good for Your Skin

The Berber women of Morocco discovered that Argan Oil fights UV damage to the skin. With regular use it also keeps spots and acne under control. The result is a clearer blemish-free complexion.

Over time the skin aging slows and existing signs of age soften. Plant sterols in Argan Oil stimulate skin cell production to boost collagen which helps heal fine scars. Fine lines and wrinkles on the face fade. Skin tone and texture improve.

Gentle and organic Argan is used during pregnancy to help prevent scars caused by stretch-marks.

Other nutrients in Argan Oil have anti-septic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Furthermore, because Argan is a non-comedogenic oil it won’t block pores or irritate skin.
This makes it an excellent moisturiser for people with Acne, sensitive skin or a blotchy complexion.

Best of all it is a natural, organic and chemical-free product.

How to Use Argan Oil for Skin Care

Apply Argan Oil to dry or damp skin.

Use it on the face or the whole body like any other facial cream or moisturiser.
For best results, apply Argan Oil and leave on as an overnight treatment.

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How to Use Argan Oil on the Face

The best way to use Argan Oil for your face is applying a few drops at a time. Put a little Argan into your palm or put a few drops directly on the finger tips. Next, massage the oil into your skin.

For larger areas on the body put oil directly on the skin and massage in with your finger tips until absorbed.

Argan is a gentle acting oil that you can used as often as needed. For dry skin or Eczema apply before and after showering. This will help prevent skin irritation and drying from soap products.

The Different Types of Cosmetic Argan Oil

There are two grades of genuine cosmetic Argan Oil.

Both are cold-pressed from the organic Argan nut kernels.

The first grade of Argan Oil has a natural Argan nut smell. This is a cold-pressed oil that is passed through a single filtration process.
“Naturally scented” Argan is best grade for dry skin problems, inflamed skin and conditions such Eczema or Psoriasis.

For face and hair treatments unscented Argan Oil is the most poular choice. Unscented Argan Oil is single-filtered oil which is passed through a second filtration process. This removes all sediment and some water content to produce a near odourless oil.
There is also a totally deodorised oil which we do not sell.

What is in Moroccan Argan Oil?

Argan Oil contains many bio-active nutrients that give it its special qualities for skin:

  • Anti oxidants that slow aging of your skin ageing and promote cell renewal.
  • Healthy omega fatty acids that keep skin supple.
  • Triterpinoids that promote healing of injuries to the skin.
  • Butyrospermol which has an anti inflammatory action.
  • Lupenol which has anti septic properties.


Argan Oil for Skin Lightening, Dark Spots & a Clearer Complexion

There’s another reason that women in Morocco love their Argan Oil. It’s because it helps prevent skin breakouts and even lighten dark spots.

With long term use it slows skin aging and helps prevent many problems that can lead to hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

But is there evidence to support these claims for Argan Oil for a clearer complexion or lightening dark spots?

A 2013 study discovered that Argan Oil might be lightening dark marks and hyperpigmentation. [9]
So, could using Argan Oil be affecting the production of melanin in the skin?

The effect of Argan Oil on Melanin Production

Argan Oil was tested on Melanoma cells to try to understand the lightening effect.

Researchers found a decrease in Melanin production in cells treated with Argan Oil. Furthermore, this decrease depended on the dose of Argan Oil used.

It appears that Argan Oil inhibits the conversion of enzymes called TYR and DCT – which make melanin.
However, many body systems from hormones to inflammatory systems affect the production of melanin.

So how was Argan Oil having an effect on such a complex process?

What Causes Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation or Melasma

Melanin production is linked with:

  • The endocrine system ( hormone production )
  • The immune system
  • The inflammatory response system
  • The central nervous systems. [70]

Dark spots and patches can be triggered by any of these body systems.
For example, Melasma, is caused by hormonal imbalances.

Skin damage – e.g. cuts from shaving, oven burns, acne – lead to inflammation which stimulates melanin in the damaged area.

So can Argan Oil Lighten Dark Spots?

The 2013 study did conclude that Argan Oil inhibited product of dark spots.
Argan Oil’s affect on melanin production was due to high level of tocopherols enhanced by interactions with anti-inflammatory compounds, Sterols and Triterinoids.

However, Argan Oil isn’t a fast acting “lightening cream”.

The high vitamin E levels in Argan Oil help to lighten existing dark spots.
Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effects compounds controls minor inflammation and help prevent spots that can lead to dark skin marks. [72][73]

In conclusion, the clearer, blemish-free skin and lightening of dark spots reported by Moroccan women is from regular use.

Popular Uses for Argan Oil

Dry Skin and Harsh Weather Protection

Argan Oil helps keep skin hydrated acting as a barrier against harsh weather.
You can also use Argan Oil by adding it to a hot bath or combining with other natural ingredients to make your own anti aging cosmetics.

Moisturiser for Problem Skin – Spots, Acne

Argan Oil contains natural anti inflammatory saponins and natural septics that may be of help in calming acne prone skin.
Argan is also “non comedogenic” oil which means that it does not clog up skin pores.

If your skin is prone to spots, acne, blemishes or rashes and you are looking for a chemical-free, natural product that does cause breakouts then try pure Argan Oil.

Preventing Stretch Markspregnant women under argan tree

Many women have found that by applying Argan Oil to skin during pregnancy that stretch marks can be reduced. This may be due to its ability to help keep skin firm and flexible and fight the breakdown of collagen and elastins that is caused by the stretching of skin during pregnancy.

Unlike most scar oils and lotions Argan Oil is natural and organic. If you are concerned about the safety of using a stretch-mark product during pregnancy then Organic Argan Oil is certainly the best choice. It is also likely to be more effective than the expensive chemical creams on sale.

Stretch marks are best prevented by using Argan Oil as early as possible and continuing use for 2 or 3 months after the end of the pregnancy.

Learn more about Stretch Marks during pregnancy and the reduction of acne or surgical scars.

Healing Skin from Minor Scars and Acne?

Scars caused by skin damage, whether by acne or from surgery often benefit from an Argan Oil treatment.
Natural oils have been proven to help stimulate collagen production and speed up the healing process.


Making Your Own Natural Skin Care Products

Argan Oil protects and nourish your skin best when used in its pure form.

However, you can also combine the benefits of Argan Oil with natural products.
Use Argan Oil as a carrier oil for making serums for skin care and hair growth.
It also makes an excellent base ingredient for making cosmetic products such as face masks, collagen boosting creams, oil serums and much more.


Buy Pure Argan Oil to Use for Skin Care

Buy certified, organic Argan Oil for skin and hair from our on-line store.
You can also buy directly from some of web pages. Click on the “add to cart” buttons to purchase direct through Pay Pal checkout.

Prices include fast and Free Delivery Worldwide and all products are supported by our money back guarantee.



2 Responses to Argan Oil for Skin

  • Anastasia says:

    Would you please help me understand why your argan container are clear?

    Argan oil should be in dark coloured glass containers to minimize the penetration of light and to preserve the healing properties it contains.
    Also is your oil 100 percent argan oil or 100 percent Argania Spinosa kernel oil, and nothing else? With no fragrances, preservatives, parrafinum or even water?

    Please would you also include your information of certification for authenticity.

    please would you email me back.

    Anastasia from Australia.

    • arganoildirect says:

      Hello Anastasia

      There is a lot of mis-information about this on the web.
      Usually you will find sites that use dark bottles say this.

      It is true that light affects oils BUT you will need to put Argan Oil in DIRECT and STRONG SUNLIGHT for LONG PERIODS to notice any real effects.
      Our 65ml bottles last about 1 to 2 months with “normal” use – even leaving them in sunlight for this period will have very little effect.
      If you simply keep the bottles in a cupboard the oil will be absolutely fine.
      For larger bottles, our 200ml for example we do sell them in light-proof bottles.
      But this is not really to stop light getting to the oil.


      Most popular brands you see advertised on different sites buy Argan in bulk, then bottle and send it out to shops where it can sit on a shelf for a long time.
      We only press small quantities of oil. We make sure oil we deliver is less than 3 months from pressing.

      Argan Oil stored in a cupboard out of direct light ( dark bottle or not ) will have a “best before” shelf life of at least 12 months.


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