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Argan Oil for Preventing Dry Skin Problemshow to prevent dry skin problems with argan oil

Use Soothing Argan Oil to tackle Skin Dryness this Winter

For those of us living in the north hemisphere winter has arrived. It is the time of year to take extra care to protect our exposed skin. The combined stress of dry winter environments like over heated offices and cold winter winds can result in dry irritated skin, cracked or blotchy patches and an unhealthy complexion. This is where a protective Argan Oil barrier can stop a mild irritation developing into a winter skin problem.

Winter Use of Argan Oil

Famous for its skin improving, anti aging effect Argan Oil locks in moisture and forms a barrier against the drying winter weather. A little Argan Oil goes a long way so you can afford to enjoy the benefits on all of the body this winter.The combination of a soothing, nourishing and protecting effect make Argan Oil the must have choice to protect skin and lips against the cold weather.

Dry Skin Conditions and Preventing Winter Skin Problems – Top 10 Tips

- 1 Moisturising with Argan Oil:
Moisturise more. Soothing and protecting Argan Oil is the ideal choice for this. Use before setting out into the elements and also last thing at night as an all-night replenishing treatment. A pure oil or natural oil-based moisturiser isn’t going to make you more oily but will support the skin without blocking natural sebum production.

- 2. Extra Vitamins for Skin:
Amino Acids ( Vitamin B ), Vitamin C & D are good for skin renewal and condition.

- 3. Zinc: Use Zinc supplements to help prevent spots.

- 4. G.L.A.:
From evening primrose oil or Culinary Argan Oil. Gamma Linoleic Acid is know for its benefits for clearer skin.

- 5. Ex foliating Face Masks: As winter winds stir up dirt and dust and dead skin cells build up an ex foliating face mask once a week can help to clear the pores and brighten the complexion. Our favourite simple, completely natural recipe uses Calcium Bentonite Clay. Blend a few teaspoons of Bentonite Clay with mineral water and add a little powdered sea salt.

Next blend in a few drops or more of pure Argan Oil. Apply to the face and leave until dry, about 10 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water and pat dry. Optionally you can massage a little Argan Oil into the skin. Remember not to wash or cleanse your skin too much as you risk upsetting the delicate balance of natural oils.

- 6. Drink More Water:
Winter can be even more de-hydrating that summer. Overheated homes and workplaces combined with cold weather dry skin just as much as the sun. Make sure to replace lost fluids by regularly drinking water throughout the day.

- 7. Avoid Harsh Chemical Soaps and Cosmetics:
Most commercial soaps contain sulfates. These make some soaps and shower gels foam up, BUT remove your sebum, which you should avoid. If skin feels tight after a shower, it’s damaged. In this case soothing Argan Oil to prevent irritation is the best cure.
- 8. Boost Your Immune System:
Get extra Vitamin A / Beta-carotene into your diet. Food sources include, Carrot Juice (fresh), Apricots, Asparagus, Beets, Broccoli & Green Peppers.

- 9. Get more Vitamin C into your diet: Taking extra doses of vitamin C, up to 500 or even 1000mg a day is known to reduce the length of a cold or flu illness.

- 11. Avoid de-hydrating Drinks:
This includes cutting down on de-hydrating beverages such as Coffee and Alcohol and replacing them with fresh fruit juices and water.

- 12. Keep Well:
When your body is under attack by a cold or flu your resources are drained fighting the illness. This results in pale or blotchy skin and an unhealthy complexion. So, take more care to dress warm, avoid crowded closed in areas – airports are the worst – and get more rest. In a study of Echinacea’s protective effects researchers found that Echinacea when taken alongside vitamin C reduced cold incidence by 86%. Goldenseal is also often combined with Echinacea and can help beat chest infections.

- 13. Give Your Skin More Attention:
Other parts of the body will also need you to spend more time looking after them. Cold, damp and overheating and wearing heavy clothes can all take its toll on the skin especially on the legs and arms. Remember to treat dry areas before more serious irritation occurs.

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