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Protect Against Hair Loss with Argan Oil

Argan Oil for Hair Loss

How does Argan oil help to prevent hair loss and aid regrowth?

Argan Oil is now used as an ingredient in around 30% of hair conditioners and shampoos. This is because it strengthens the hair shaft and also cleanses the scalp. Keeping both hair and scalp in a healthy condition is important to help prevent hair loss.

You may think it unlikely that essential oils could help regrow hair but research into Alopecia Areata proved that regular treatment with essential oils in a carrier oil, such as Argan Oil, showed clear hair regrowth and thicker hair in 44% of subjects. [1]

Hair loss products are often very expensive and a lot of hair loss forums make unrealistic claims for products. Using Argan Oil plus essential oils is a safe, low cost and option which has now been scientifically proven to work. There are now many fake “Argan Oil for hair loss” reviews claiming miracle results. So, what is the truth about using Argan Oil, for hair growth? Is Argan Oil good for thin hair?

- How To Tell What Type of Hair Loss You Have
- The Science of Hair loss
- How to Create the Best Conditions for Hair Growth
- 4 Steps Guide to Fuller Hair and Stopping Hair Loss
- Proven 44% Success Rate Essential Oil Hair Growth Formula

Chemical products for treating baldness have very little effect. Some can help prevent temporary hair loss and vitamins supplements may also improve hair condition and thickness. To avoid wasting time and money we need to be careful when looking for help with hair loss. Take time to understand the hair growth cycles. Learn what causes hair to fall out and if Argan Oil could help to thicken hair by protecting fragile hair from DHT.

It is very important for long term prevention to understand seasonal and biological hair growth cycles. By being aware of these periods, usually early spring time and autumn / October-November, we can prevent some hair loss from temporary cycles. This will be of benefit for more complex long term issues such as male pattern hair loss.

Identifying the cause of hair loss first means we can select the correct treatment. It allows us to estimate how much we can expect to stop hair falling out and promote growth. For minor or temporary loss natural treatments with specialist vitamin supplements are usually very effective. Switching to a natural therapy with Argan Oil as soon as hair loss is noticed can help prevent hair loss sue to temporary cycles and slow longer term hair loss.

In Morocco we use pure Argan Oil treatments as soon as possible after noticing hair fall as we find it helps to strengthen weak or fragile hairs and so stop them from falling out. This allows them to continue to grow for a fuller, stronger, healthier head of hair. Few studies into hair loss using Argan Oil and essential oils have been undertaken so results from this type of hair conditioning regimen will vary.

Step 1: Identify What Type of Hair Loss You Have

There are many types of hair loss. Each has a different cause and needs treating in a different way. Hair that is lost due to aging and hereditary hair loss, Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), is the most difficult to recover. However, if treated early on even hereditary hair loss or conditions such as Alopecia Areata may be slowed or even reveresed.

Others types of Alopecia and hair loss are temporary. In these cases hair loss can treated effectively with a good chance of it growing back. Temporary hair loss is caused by things like stress or hormonal changes which disrupt the natural hair cycle.

In both cases hair lost may not regrow so preventing weak or fragile hair from breaking or falling out is the best plan of action. Start to take better care of your hair and scalp as soon as any loss is noticed and permanent hair loss can be avoided or minimised.

Step 2: Identify a Suitable Regimen to Use

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To slow or stop hair from falling out we must:

1. Find a solution to maintain a healthy scalp avoiding inflammation and dryness caused by strong chemicals.
2. Nourish hair to help prevent breakage.
3. Follow a regular hair repair and care regimen of stimulating tonics, vitamin supplements with stimulating natural oils that repair, protect and condition.

This is why Argan Oil is so popular for hair care. This natural Moroccan Oil takes care of conditioning of all these problem areas, scalp and hair shaft, with a single, simple therapy. By using Argan as your base, carrier, oil and adding other essential oils, similar to those used in the study ( given below ) you can create your own natural hair growth serum.

When selecting Argan Oil for hair treatment you need to be aware that there are two types of genuine, pure cosmetic Argan Oils sold for hair treatments. Both are genuine and pure oils however one grade is filtered twice and has no Argan Nut smell. The other, most commonly available, is filtered once and retains a natural Argan nut scent.

Argan Oil Direct are the only supplier to provide both scented and unscented Argan Oil for your hair. However, our clients overwhelmingly choose our pure, double filtered, odourless Argan Oil for hair treatments. This is because the Argan nut scent can be a little to strong for most people when used on a large surface all over your hair. Be aware that most Argan oil for sale is single filtered and has an Argan nut smell so do check. You can click here is you want to buy Pure Unscented Argan Oil for hair and scalp conditioning.

Hair Growth Cycles

We all lose hair as we age. Hair growth products often don’t work for hair loss because there is simply no magic chemical that will suddenly make missing hair grow back by changing our body chemistry overnight. On average, men and women lose about 50 and 100 hairs per day.

There are 3 stages in the cycle of hair growth during which hairs grow at the rate of about 1.25 centimetres or 0.5 inches per month. There is an “anagen phase” known as the growth phase which can last up to eight years About 85% of the hairs on one’s head are in the anagen phase at any given time during which they grow faster and longer. When the anagen phase ends the catagen phase begins. The catagen phase lasts about two weeks during which the hair follicle shrinks.

The final phase is called the telogen, or resting, phase the hair. During this phase follicles remain dormant anywhere from 1–4 months. The anagen phase starts again after the telogen phase is complete. The old hair strand is pushed out by the new strand. The process causes the normal hair loss known as shedding. Additionally, in the autumn, for around 4 to 8 weeks there is a more noticeable loss of hair but this seasonal variation is normal.

If seasonal loss persists after its normal period or if abnormal hair loss lasts for several months, this may be a cause for concern and specialist advice should be sought. You may unknowingly have a scalp condition, general health problem or medical condition such as Eczema or Psoriasis of the scalp even dandruff. These conditions can disrupt hair growth in a number of ways and inflammation is often at the root of the problem. Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can be of great benefit for dandruff and so also with preventing hair loss. If you suspect a scalp condition or unusual prolonged hair loss consult a Trichologist. You should also look at dietary changes to address the causes of such conditions.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Irregular hair loss could be caused by a number of factors.
- Certain medications ( such as amphetamines or anticoagulants
- Dietary deficiency protein, iron, zinc.
- Stress and emotional trauma disease can cause loss of hair
- Shampoos or hair dyes used too frequently can also literally attack and weaken the hair.
- A medical condition such as Eczema of the scalp or even dandruff.
- Harsh treatment such as excessive heat.

The Aging Process
The main cause of baldness is an excess of male hormones due to the ageing process. This is known androgenic alopecia and concerns both men and woman. In these cases treatments, discussed below, can slow the process or even improve hair regrowth where the hair still exists.

Male Hair Loss
Normal Hair loss is to a large extent hereditary and is passed from father to son. So if your father was a victim of hair loss, there is a strong probability that you will also have hair loss. It is the male hormone DHT that shortens the life of the hair. Excess DHT in prostate tissue is thought to lead to prostate growth, and excess DHT in hair tissue leads to hair thinning in men and women.

Female Hair Loss
Among women, androgenic alopecia occurs at the menopause when the production of female hormones (oestrogen) is no longer sufficient to combat the androgens responsible for hair loss. The same hormonal imbalance that is the case in Women after pregnancy or even because of some birth control pills. Women experiencing higher hair loss than normal should also consider tests for anaemia, a thyroid disorder, autoimmune diseases, poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or even skin conditions such as psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Temporary Hair Loss
For both men and women stress or shock can result in temporary hair loss which is caused by an interruption of the natural loss/growth cycle. This can be Telogen effluvium a form of non-scarring alopecia characterized by diffuse hair shedding, often with an acute onset. Telogen effluvium is a reactive process caused by a metabolic or hormonal stress or by medications. Generally, recovery is spontaneous and occurs within 6 months as the hair returns to its normal cycles.

How to Create the Optimum Conditions for Natural Hair Growth

Putting the life back into your hair

Putting the life back into your hair

For the best chance of success to encourage regrowth and slow loss of hairs a complete plan of action must include:

- An internal program of foods and special vitamin supplements to give our body more of what it needs to make healthy hair.
- An external program for better care of the scalp by careful shampoo and conditioner selection.
- Applying external hair growth stimulants.
- For men using DHT blocking supplements.
- Combat hair loss by looking after your scalp with Argan Oil & essential oils as part of your hair growth regimen.

1. Use Hair Nutrient Food Supplements

There are now some very good hair nutrient formulas available for men and women. These supplements assist with healthier growth and thickening of existing hair.

For Women Florisene supplements are an excellent support for thicker stronger hair and would be worth using as part of any hair regrowth plan for women.

For Men and Women the American NUHAIR program has a vitamin supplement as part of a 3 part treatment.

2. Apply External Hair Growth Stimulants

For temporary hair loss there are many products that can be of great value in slowing or preventing the hair loss until the hair/scalp recovers its normal cycle. They can also be of benefit in slowing hereditary hair loss.

Hair growth products Minoxidil, Rogain & Regaine

Minoxidil is currently in the only officially recognised treatment for hair loss. Originally created to reduce blood pressure patients using minoxidil noticed increased hair growth.
Although these products work over a period of 24 weeks or more Minoxidil can cause initial hair loss and hair shedding if discontinued. Hair regrown during treatment is also lost when the application is stopped. Minoxidil can also cause temporary hypertrichosis, hair growth on the face area, in women.

Minoxidil can also cause heart reactions, irritation of the scalp, can affect hair colour and in a liquid form is oily.
Minoxidil ( the popular Rogaine formula ) or Propecia can reduce DHT levels and slow hair loss. It is reported to help stimulate growth of hair.

NUHAIR Hair Thinning Serum
Success is also reported for the NUHAIR Hair Thinning Serum which is a much more natural option. Like our Hair Magick Formula it contains Jojoba Oil. It also has a range of plant extracts and nutrients. Read about natural hair tonic recipes to stimulate hair growth.

3 Block DHT
DHT, is a testosterone by-product. It causes hair growth early in life but as men age it restricts the follicles ability to produce hair growth. DHT stops proteins, vitamins and minerals from providing nourishment to hair follicles which causes them to shrink. Hair reproduces at a slower rate so that it either shortens the growing phase or lengthens its resting stage. As a result hair thinning begins as the hair shaft gets finer with each new growth cycle. In the end the hairs can stop growing.

For men, in particular, blocking or neutralising DHT on the scalp is an important weapon against hair loss.

Internal supplements can also be very effective at reducing DHT production. A popular herbal supplement, Saw Palmetto, is often suggested to slow hair loss. Saw Palmetto is thought to work by lowering levels of the male hormone testosterone – of which DHT is a by-product. It is also thought to work for women by regulating hormone levels in the blood.

There is also a specific DHT blocking herbal formula which is part of the NUHAIR products range suitable for both men and women.
4. Washing and Conditioning of Hair and Scalp

As part of a long term program to keep hair healthy a scalp cleansing and conditioning program is necessary. There are a range of “stimulating shampoos” such as Kerstase which are said to be formulated for use in the case of hair loss. However, in many cases the strong chemical shampoos that are commonly available have a very harsh action stripping hair of its natural oils. Silicates and Keratin based shampoos are best avoided.

Before applying Argan Oil a good product to cleanse the scalp will remove excess sebum, the oil secreted by glands in the scalp, ensuring hair follicles have a healthy growing environment.

Nizoral is an interesting anti fungal shampoo that contains ketoconazole. Used primarily to treat dandruff it cleanses the scalp and has the ability to block androgen receptors helping to reduce inflammation which could be contributing to hair loss. It is also said to help with seborrhoeic and follicular eczema.

A good natural and gentle cleansing shampoo followed by a Pure Argan Oil or Hair Magick hot oil treatment will give better long term results by preventing breakage, fortifying the hair shaft and providing optimum conditions for the health of hair follicles through the cleansing action of oils such as Jojoba Oil. The Jojoba oil in our Hair Magick formula makes an excellent choice for reducing inflammation of the scalp as part of a hot oil hair treatment. Learn how to use Argan Oil for hair treatments.

4 Steps to Thicker, Fuller Healthier Hair & Treating Hair Loss

1. NUHAIR is a 3 part hair rejuvenation program. It has a hair nutrient supplement that contains the famous Chinese herb for hair He Shou Wu, a DHT blocking supplement and external hair serum. Women may find Florisene a better alternative hair supplement for growth.

2. Use either a specialist anti hair loss shampoo or try a natural cleansing shampoo free of strong chemicals.

3. Do hot oil hair treatment that includes Argan and Jojoba Oils once a week.

essential oils for hair growth and hair loss

Maintain Strong Hair Growth & Combat Hair Loss with this Essential Oil Serum

Different essential oils have long been used in traditional medicine by various cultures around the world. Studies were carried our in Scotland [1] and South Korea [3] to test the effectiveness of some of these folk remedies for baldness.

Two groups of 86 patients used a blend of essential oils in a mix of carrier oils applied to the scalp once a day for 6 months. The study showed that 44% of the test subjects experienced clear hair regrowth. This was as good the results using minoxidil based drugs but without any of the side-effects. [1][4]

Here we detail how to re-create the formulas used in these tests for yourself.

Step 1: Choosing a carrier oil

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Although generally safe, essential oils are powerful and can cause skin irritation.
They should not be used in a pure, undiluted form but should always be added in small quantities to a carrier oil.

The most popular choice of carrier oils are those high in Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids. These nutrients condition and repair the hair shaft as well as cleansing the scalp, hair follicle. They can also calm inflammation another major contributor to hair loss.

The most popular choices for carriers oils are Jojoba Oil [1] [9], Argan Oil, Evening Primrose, Grape-seed Oil and Coconut Oil. Jojoba oil is always included in a carrier oil blend. This is because it is the most similar to your scalp’s own natural oily secretions. Its scalp cleaning properties have been well documented.

Argan Oil Pure coconut oil is supplied as a solid “butter” and may be difficult to keep liquid. If you wish to reproduce the hair growth formula in the studies details then our Hair Magick hair serum makes the ideal carrier oil. It contains Argan Oil Jojoba and Coconut Oils in a pre-blended and liquid serum.

Step 2: The best essential oils to stimulate hair growth, thicken hair and slow greying

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Test were carried out using Pumpkin seed oil on 76 male patients mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The result showed that the group using Pumpkin Seed Oil had more hair after treatment than the placebo group. Hair counts showed a mean increase of 40% over the 24 week study period. [3]

Thyme Essential OilThe active ingredient in thyme oil is thymol. This is a powerful antiseptic and bactericide and inhibits enzyme activity in the hair follicle to encourage hair growth. [1]

Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone Is widely used in shampoos and hair tonics for its reputation for encouraging new hair growth by stimulating circulation. [1]

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender and Rosemary is an ancient anti-inflammaotry and anti-bacterial combination for reviving damaged hair. It is also recommended for reducing stress which can play a part in any hair loss pattern.

Cedarwood essential oil [1]

An essential oil recipe for hair growth and to slow hair loss

Mix the ingredients and store in a suitable container – such as a bottle with a pump.

1: The base “carrier oil”
30ml Pure Argan Oil*
15ml Coconut Oil*
15ml Jojoba*
(this carrier oil combination is available pre-blended as our Hair Magick serum).
20ml Grape Seed Oil

2: The essential oils
1ml (15-20 drops) of each
essential oil of thyme,
essential oil of lavender,
essential oil of rosemary
essential oil of cedar wood
essential oil of pumpkin seed oil

How to use essential oil hair loss serums

This oil serum is usually applied to the scalp. Enough oil should be used to allow a comfortable massaging of the areas you wish to treat.
If you are using this formula to boost hair growth or maintain healthy hair where there is not a hair loss problem then you may want to use less oil and massage into the whole scalp and down to any hairline.

After massage the hair should ideally be wrapped in hot towels for 20 to 30 minutes to help the oils penetrate. When doing a hot oil hair treatment it is usually recommended that you use a plastic shower that helps retain warms and prevent oils from being absorbed into the towels.
If you can leave in overnight all the better.

When to Apply?
Of course applying oils to you scalp will leave the hair looking oily. So you will need to wash our excess oils with a light and cleaning shampoo. Avoid strong chemical shampoos that are full of waxes.

How often to apply?
During studies applications were made daily. This may not be practical in everyday life, unless you wash your hair nearly every day! So you may just want to do this an hour or so before washing your hair and around 3 times a week.

Any hair loss regimen will need to be followed for at least 12 to 24 weeks.

Where Can I Buy Pure Argan Oil & Oil Serums for Hair Care?

If you are looking for Argan Oil for hair treatment we highly recommend using a “pure” double filtered Argan Oil which has no Argan nut smell. Most Argan Oil you will find on the web is what we call “original” Argan Oil which has an Argan scent which is pleasant but is too strong for use on hair.

You can buy Argan Oil and Hair Magick Serum for hair repair or as a base for this hair growth essential oil formula from this web page with Free Delivery Worldwide.

Article References & Resources
[1] Hay IC, Jamieson M, Ormerod AD. Randomized trial of aromatherapy. Successful treatment for alopecia areata
[2] Chemical Hair loss treatments guide Video guide by Belgravia Centre

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