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Using Argan Oil in Capsules for a Health Supplement

What are the Benefits of Argan Oil for Health?

There is currently a lot being written about Argan Oil Capsules on the internet.
As you will have read on this site Argan Oil comes in two varieties. Cosmetic Argan Oil for Skin and Hair treatments or Culinary Argan Oil for eating, cooking and using in recipes.

A lot of discussion has been around the benefits of cosmetic Argan Oil for skin conditions such as Eczema,Psoriasis and general dry skin problems – as well as the Anti Ageing benefits of this nutrient rich natural oil.
However, Culinary Argan Oil has also been used for its health benefits including cholesterol reduction, anti-inflammatory saponins that could be of benefit with Arthritis and possible anti-cancer properties.

Much detailed information is available on this an other web sites so this and the other health uses will not be covered in any detail here.

The components causing interest in Argan Oil for use in capsules are:

However, while culinary and cosmetic Argan Oil are rich in these healthy components ( Argan Oil contains twice the Vitamin E Anti Oxidant and GLA content of Olive Oil ) we do not think that the tiny amours of Argan Oil in a capsule would give any noticeable benefit.

Some capsules are advertised as Argan Powder. We have never seen this in Morocco and would not even know what you would create this from. In this case we would recommend you get a certified analysis of the content of these capsules.

I doubt that the amount of oil contained in a capsules would be of any benefit and any Argan “powder” whatever that might be is unlikely to have much of any of the benefits and nutrients of Argan Oil.

Should you wish to try Argan Oil for a health supplement we can tell you that a typical use in Morocco would be 1 to 2 Table spoons of Eating, Culinary Argan Oil per day. Please look for our other Articles on Argan Oil for health for additional details.

There have been a number of studies into culinary Argan oil and its health benefits. Research into culinary Argan Oil in the Moroccan diet has uncovered potential cholesterol reducing effects, chemo-preventative effects, uses for weight loss and cardiovascular disease.

For full details of the scientific evidence, research papers and all the health and medical applications of this oil please request our free e_Booklets. You can also find more information on this web site by reading our articles about Argan oil for cholesterol, cardiovascular disease treatment, weight loss and BMI reduction and Arthritis .

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