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Argan Oil CapsulesArgan Oil Capsules

- Which Works Best Pure Culinary Argan Oil or Capsules?
- What benefits does taking pure Argan Oil in capsule form contain?
- The Health Benefits of Culinary Argan Oil
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Health Supplements & Culinary Argan Oil in Capsules

Why Argan Oil is used for Nutritional Supplement

Culinary Argan Oil not just for eating but is also used for its healthy properties.

However, in Morocco we do not use Argan Oil in Capsules for a nutritional supplements. This is because an Argan Oil capsule contains as little as 1ml of active oil. This is less than the dose required for treating health issues such as Arthritis, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Heart Disease.

How Much Oil Do You Need To Take?

In Morocco we take about 1 Tablespoon ( 15ml ) of pure culinary oil which is eaten or added to food when it is taken as a supplement. This is also the same amount of oil that was used in recent research studies into the effects of Argan Oil. The problem with putting this oil into capsules is that you would need to take about 15 to 20 Capsules if you wanted to get any health benefit. So, to get this dose so clearly taking pure oil is easier.

Buying pure oil is also more economical than buying capsules. A 200ml bottle of Organic Culinary Argan Oil is equivalent to about 200 capsules but costs only $28.14. A typical price for 200 capsules is $99.90.

How Long Do You Need Take Argan Oil Supplement For?

Research studies discovered that benefits where detected within 3 weeks with the full course of treatment lasting, on average, 60 days. A full treatment dose requires about 450 ml of pure oil per month.

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Learn more about supporting research and discover the health benefits that are under investigation from using pure Argan Oil supplements by reading our articles below.


What are the Benefits of Eating Argan Oil for Health?

There is a lot written about Argan Oil in capsules and the health benefits so is Argan Oil healthy to eat? There are two varieties Cosmetic Argan Oil and toasted Culinary Argan Oil. It is the Culinary Oil that is used for eating, cooking and as a nutritional supplement.

It is the rich bio chemical mix if nutrients that give Argan Oil its properties. It has twice the anti oxidant vitamin content of Olive Oil, is super rich in vegetable Omega fatty acids, Phytosterols, Saponins, anti inflammatory compounds and antibacterial compounds.

This is why Culinary Argan Oil, like other nut oils, is used in Morocco for cholesterol reduction, cardiovascular disease treatment, Arthritis, BMI control and weight loss. So how much culinary Argan Oil in capsules or pure liquid Argan Oil was used in research?  

How Many Argan Oil Capsules Would I Need to Take?

Organic gourmet culinary argan oil recipes for eating and cooking

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There have been a number of studies into culinary Moroccan Argan Oil to investigate how much oil needs to be eaten and what the benefits of pure Argan Oil or Capsules are for health. As discussed above research into the use of culinary Argan oil in the Moroccan diet has revealed cholesterol reducing effects, chemo preventative effects, uses for weight loss, Diabetes, Arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

To test this health supplement researchers used about about 15 ml of pure oil for 60 days. This is the equivalent of about 15 capsules per day depending on the capsules used. For information about how eating nuts will your extend life expectancy we recommend watching the video on this page.

Learn more detailed information by reading our articles about:

> Argan oil for cholesterol
> cardiovascular disease treatment
> weight loss and BMI reduction
> Arthritis
> Diabetes
> Why nuts oils are better than fish oils for Omega supplement.

More evidence and research supporting the health and medical applications of culinary Argan Oil and capsules is also available in our eBooklets. To get our free eBooklets plus a coupon which gives you an immediate discount on all products on our on-line store enter your email below and click “send eBooklets”.


What active ingredients are in Argan oil and Capsules?

Both culinary and cosmetic Argan Oil are rich in these healthy nutrients ( Argan Oil contains twice the Vitamin E Anti Oxidant and GLA content of Olive Oil ) but we do not think that the tiny amours of Argan Oil in a capsule would give any noticeable benefit.

Some capsules are advertised as containing Argan powder. We have never seen this in Morocco and do not know what you would create this from. In this case we would recommend you get a certified analysis of the content of these capsules.

The main nutrients causing interest in culinary Argan Oil for use in capsules are:

Triglycerides, Sapponins
Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids
Triterpenes, Sterols
Carotenoids, Arganine
Squalene & Phenolic Compounds, Vitamin E
Gamma Linoleic Acid – (GLA)

Stay Healthy & Live Longer by Eating Nuts!

Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health worked on two long-running studies of over 120,000 people and discovered that[1]:
“People who ate nuts every day lived longer, healthier lives than people who didn’t eat nuts,”.
The report revealed that daily nut-eaters were less likely to die of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease.Daily nut-eaters were 20% less likely to have died during the study than those who avoided nuts.

Where can I buy organic Argan Oil for eating?

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