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A guide to buying genuine Argan Oil

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2.20fl oz Pure Argan Oil

This is Pure Organic Oil which has no Argan Nut scent. It is the best choice for skin care and hair treatments.

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2.20 fl oz Argan Oil $19.95
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Since 1998 we have been working with Berber women’s co-operatives in Morocco to sell genuine Argan Oil online in Europe, the UK and Worldwide. By avoiding expensive packaging and purchasing directly from producers we bring the purest Argan Oil to you in the freshest condition.

Buy 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil for hair and skin care from our on-line store where you will also find delicious, organic, Culinary Argan Oil to eat.

Our Argan Oil products can also be bought from web pages where you see an “add to cart” button – Checkout using the red button at the top of this page. All of our pure organic Argan Oil products are sold with our worldwide money back guarantee of quality.
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What to look for when buying Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

Even buying Argan Oil in Morocco can be difficult especially outside of the Argan producing regions. So, here are a few ways to tell if you are making an online purchase for genuine Argan Oil for cosmetic use.

Firstly, there are two types of cosmetic Argan Oil sold – both made in Morocco. One is single filtered and retains an Argan nut scent. The other is filtered a second time and gives an almost scent free oil. We describe the scented Argan Oil that you can buy as having an natural Olive like smell with a touch of citrus. The double filtered oil has virtually no smell.

If you have bought a genuine pure virgin Argan Oil it should be light to medium yellow in colour. Although colours vary with each pressing a scent free oil is a lighter yellow colour than a scented oil and has no sediment. Both grades of will have a rich, creamy texture and will be quickly absorbed when massaged into your skin leaving little or no oily residue.

Before purchasing check that the bottle ingredients list nothing but pure or 100% pure Argan Oil – not “contains” Argan Oil.

Where to Buy Genuine, 100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil?

You can purchase both pure unscented and naturally scented Argan Oil securely on our online store as well as Culinary Argan Oil – all withfree worldwide delivery. Card payments are processed independently by Pay Pal or you can use your Pay Pal account. Click here to view out range of products and special for sale.

The Best Skin Care Product You Will Ever Buy!

Naturally rich in vitamins Argan Oil improves skin condition and helps to prevent aging of your skin. Regular use will deliver smoother, firmer skin, reduced lines and wrinkles, less blemishes, reduced minor scars and much more.

This is why it is known as liquid gold and is the only anti aging treatment the Berber women of Morocco have ever needed. It is also used to protect against stretch marks and treat difficult skin problem such as Eczema.

Learn More about Argan Oil for Skin Careor purchase Argan Oil here

Rejuvenating Argan Oil treatments for healthier hair.

Moroccan Argan Oil is recommended for hair care. Pure Argan oil can transform tired or damaged hair in just a few treatments. Pure Argan oil can also be blended with other natural exotic oils to produce the ultimate, total hair repair serum. Learn more about natural oil blends for hair treatment or buy Argan oil for hair here

Culinary, Toasted Argan Oil – The World’s Healthiest Oil.

Organic gourmet culinary argan oil for eating and cooking offer

6.76fl oz Culinary Argan Oil

Toasted Argan Nut Oil for eating is a delicious and healthy nutty oil is rich in nutrients. Use for sweet and savoury dishes or as nutritional supplement.

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Culinary Argan Oil $36.58 $27.27
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buy genuine certified argan oil

Culinary Argan Oil has a roasted, nutty flavour and is a golden brown colour. You can use it for cooking and eating or even as a nutritional supplement as a more effective alternative to using capsules.
The nutty flavour is produced by first toasting the sun dried Argan Nuts before cold pressing.

Many health benefits are proposed for culinary Argan Oil. It is full of nutrients that are said to be of benefit in treating Arthritis and High Cholesterol levels. Use as a more effective alternative to Argan Oil capsules.

To learn more about Culinary Argan Oil click here


Buy Argan Oil Wholesale or in Bulk

If you are interested in buying larger quantities of pure Argan Oil for business we are always pleased to be able to help with purchasing enquiries. Please use our contact form to write to us about buying Argan Oil wholesale or in bulk.

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